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Animals in Korea that Can Kill You!


South Korea is a relatively small country that’s generally pretty safe. And that safety also extends out to wilderness! You won’t have much reason to fear hiking in the mountains and swimming in the oceans as dangerous animals don’t inhabit Korea anymore. With that said, there’s still a few that ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Kpop

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If PSY was your first introduction to Korean Popular music (hereafter referred to only as KPop) then you, my friend, have opened a Pandora’s box of music. Kpop is one of the fastest growing music genres in the world. For the sake of this article, KPop does not refer to Korean Pop music, but Korean Popular music, i.e. the more popular music in Korea right now. To make this easier to digest, we’ve broken things down into subgenres, each with musician/group recommendations for your listening pleasure.

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10 Must Know Korean TV Personalities


By now, most of you have seen at least one Korean show in a talk show format or one of their popular variety shows that typically involves people being thrown into pools and having mud fights. Yes, they do that out here. Not quite as rowdy or gut bustlingly hilarious as their Japanese counterparts, but there are a few celebrities in the TV world that are worthy of mention.

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