Korea Q&A: How Westernized is Korea?

How Westernized is Korea

We got a pretty interesting question about how westernized Korea is. Korea’s on the other side of world from Western nations, but just like most places in the world, Western culture has influenced life in Korea. See what’s changed and what’s stayed true in Korean culture. Hanbok (한복) Korea’s traditional ...

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Korea Q&A: Partying Drinking Ajummas with Piercings

QA10 - Drinking Partying Ajummas with Piercings

Questions include: Why do Koreans like drinking so much? At what age is one considered an ajumma? Are non-ear piercings common in Korea? What’s it like to throw a party in Korea? “Why do Koreans like drinking so much?” Drinking in Korea is a way for all people to bond and get closer. Korea’s ...

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Korea Q&A: Lonely Virgin Sex at the World Cup!

QA9 Virgin thumb

We’re back! This week’s questions include: Is virginity prized in Korea? Is Korea conservative when it comes to sex? I’m lonely. How can I make friends in Korea? My friends bow to me every time. Why? Do you think Korea will win the world cup? Is Korea conservative when it comes to sex?  Traditionally, ...

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Korea Q&A: Stalking Hugging Foreigner Women

KoreaQA-serine-saseng copy

This week’s Korea Q&A questions include: “Are Korean men picky about foreign women?” “What are sasengs?” “Do Koreans call their foreigner friends oppa/eonni/nuna/hyeong”? “Can I ride my skateboard in Seoul?” “What’s somethings Koreans find different about Western Culture?” Are Korean men picky about foreign women? It’s not very common to ...

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Korea Q&A: Pseudo Gay Korean Celebrity Sightings

kdrama face slap

He y’all! We’re back from a short year end vacation with a new Korea Q&A! Questions include: “Are celebrities easily spotted in Seoul?” “Why do Koreans laugh the way they do?” “Why do Korean men touch each other?” “What’s up with ‘flower boys’?” “Do Korean men actually pull/drag girls by their ...

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Korea Q&A: Beautiful Fat Korean Selfies


Questions include: “Why do Koreans look so good in pictures?” “What’s it like being fat in Korea?” “Is it safe for a young girl to visit Seoul alone?” “Is there a dating scene for Koreans over 30?” “How do I attract Korean boys?” “What’s an ulzzang (얼짱)?” Kari asks: “Why did ...

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Korea Q&A: Attracting Korean Girl Trainee Life


Questions include: “How do I attract Korean girls?” “What’s it like to be a kpop trainee?” “What’s it like being a blonde Korean in Korea?” “Why police aren’t that respected in Korea?” “What’s it like to work in a Korean company?” and “What do you appreciate about living in Korea?” Hey! ...

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Being a Foreigner in Korea: Getting Stared at

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 9.51.02 PM copy

You know that feeling when someone’s looking at you? You pause, feel their eyes on you and look around. And sure enough, there’s an old lady behind you looking at the back of your head. Well in Korea, that might happen more often than you’re used to. We invited Chelsea ...

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