10 Super Fun Korean Dance Videos to Watch

Many people may not know that Korea is home to some of the world’s best dancers. In addition to PSY’s oh-so-fun horseback riding dance, Korea is also well known for it’s popping and break dancing. Check out some of these awesome dancing Koreans rocking it out on YouTube!

1. Funky Lia popping in the streets and subways of Seoul

2. Michael Jackson choreographed by Funky Lia (dancer above) = bomb

3. Poppin in a suit is always a crowd pleaser

4. Check out this masked Korean duo schoolin you on the art of popping

5. Crazy cute Korean kids rockin it in the streets of Seoul

6. Winner from Korea’s Got Talent, Joo Min-jeong (주민정), showing why she’s one of Korea’s best

7. Another Funky Lia in a funky suit

UNESCO Tour 640×140 reservation

8. No production, just sick dancing

9. Beatboxing, Canon in D, traditional Korean and of course break dancing
[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Bpl3WRqr68″ width=”800″ height=”400″]

10. North Korean military marching dubstep!

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know :) 😀

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  1. Dominik

    Wow, thanks for sharing this.

  2. Nr.1 und Nr.8 are my favs.. really cool videos, thx for sharing (and wasting another precious time instead of studying haha 😀 )

    Cheers Mika

  3. Yong

    The breakdance video is made by Last For One crew, =D

  4. Paola


  5. David

    Yeah, popping in korea is really a big thing i think! I remember Nam hyun joon, he was really famous back in the days.

  6. Sierra

    The last one killed me lmaooo

  7. The videos sucked!!!