Short Video: Korean Body Language

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You might think pointing at someone is universal around the world. But the way you do it might not be the way Koreans point at people. Check out this short video on how Koreans communicate with their bodies!

A short video comparing Korean and American body language. Covered in this video:

– how to properly point to someone in Korea
– signs for peace & “cheese”
– body language for “money”
– body language for “a little”
– body language for “I have an idea!”
– body language for “come here”


Keith Kim is a Korean-American living in Seoul, Korea. He likes espresso shots, photography art and he loves his Playstation 3. He started as a hobby site, and is now in the process of turning it into a full-time business. Wish him luck! Check out his blog for an uncensored view on entrepreneurship, dating and life in Korea. Personal Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @gyopokeith Youtube: "Gyopokeith e-mail me anytime at: gyopokeith [at]


  1. noona says:

    so far my favorite

  2. Mía says:

    I think I have a problem. I´m so used to watch asian dramas that I´m starting to act like one lol

  3. Danae says:

    i love those videos! You can actually see the differences!!! Good work!

  4. Ruthie says:

    I just had to find a place to say how much I love your site…this cute video seemed like a nice spot. Co-workers brought me to K-dramas, which brought me to K-pop, which brought me to eatyourkimchi, which brought me to google searching my life away looking for insight on Korean culture…soooo yeah…here I am. Thank you for all the awesome information!

  5. Vanessa says:

    Damn, doing the korean money sign (which is similar to the american okay sign) is sooo ugly here in Brazil hahahahaha

  6. GIM says:

    Please do another one, same topic!

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