Want to Work in Korea, But Korean Not Perfect? Teaching & Non-teaching Jobs in Korea

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Do you want to work in Korea but don’t speak Korean perfectly just yet? Find out what your options are for jobs in Korea! We have teaching jobs in Korea as well as non-teaching jobs in Korea along with visa sponsorship information as well. Read on to see how you can come and work in Korea!

This post is for those looking for jobs in Korea, but whose Korean isn’t perfect (yet ;)). Of course, you’ll need a proper visa if you want to work in Korea. But lucky for you, we’ve included that information in the post too. Now like us on facebook 😉

Popular job sites in Korea (English): craigslist.co.kr, worknplay.co.kr, daveseslcafe.com, Koreajobfinder.com, hiexpat.com.
Popular job sites in Korea (Korean): saramin.co.kr, jobkorea.co.kr, incruit.com.


Teaching Jobs in Korea

Teaching English in Korea

The majority of teaching jobs for foreigners in Korea are English teaching jobs. Many Korean people feel that they need to learn English to gain a step over the competition. So even if people don’t want to learn English, many Koreans feel like that have to learn English. And for kids, whether they love or hate learning English, pretty much every Korean kid is sent to an English hagwon (academy) at some point in their life. All of that equals many teaching jobs in Korea. Typical benefits include free housing, paid round-trip airfare, insurance, year end bonus (1 month’s salary). Also, you can dance like a money in a classroom and be loved by little Korean kids.

Basic requirements: native-English speaker, 4 year degree from a university in an “English-speaking” country (Asian English-speaking countries such as Singapore or India typically don’t apply :(), non-criminal background, etc. Entry level jobs usually don’t require any job experience.

Don’t forget to check out Seoulistic’s post on the highest paying (English) teaching jobs in Korea!


Teaching Other Languages in Korea

There are of course students that learn languages other than English, but generally, the money and the benefits are not as good as teaching English in Korea. The most popular languages to learn in Korea other than English are Chinese and Japanese. But European languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German also have a presence here in Korea. These jobs are available but are not as easy to find as English-teaching jobs in Korea. It may be hard to find a place that will offer visa sponsorship, but at least they’re a bit more relaxed with the requirements :P.

Basic requirements: native-speaker (not always a requirement), university degree (not always)


Tutoring Jobs in Korea

Tutoring is one of the best ways to make good money in Korea. It’s usually higher pay then just working at a hagwon (학원/academy), and the hours are more flexible. Tutoring subjects range from language to test prep. But the problem is that tutoring jobs in Korea are hard to find! You can try registering on Korean tutoring sites, but they’re not so easy for most non-Koreans to navigate. So Seoulistic.com suggests getting tutoring jobs how Koreans get tutoring jobs: by knowing lots and lots of people! Meeting as many Korean people as you can will lead to tutoring job opportunities. Make Korean friends, join a knitting club (with Korean people), join a biker gang or just chat it up with your janitor. They all know someone who wants to learn English or is studying for a test. Putting yourself out there will make sure you’re the person everyone thinks of when they’re looking for private tutoring lessons!

Tip 1: No visas issued (Boo! :(). But most are cash jobs (Yay! :)).

Tip 2: Depending on the subject, tutoring rates can start from 25,000 won an hour to even a 100,000 won an hour or more!

Non-teaching Jobs in Korea

Media Jobs in Korea

Maybe education isn’t your thing. If you’re one of those ultra good looking people that everyone had a crush on in high school, why not give modeling/acting in Korea a try! If you’re sexy enough, talent agencies in Korea will offer visas for the right candidate. But even if you just want part-time work, you can usually find a few one day gigs on craigslist.co.kr, or worknplay.co.kr. Most of these jobs don’t require Korean ability, so you’ll get paid for just sitting there and looking pretty. But if you’re not the next Brangelina, don’t worry; there are also acting and modeling jobs for the average foreigner too. There are some castings for just general “foreigners.” In addition to acting and modeling jobs in Korea, there are also radio or television jobs in Korea that don’t require being on air (i.e. writers for shows, etc.). There is more part-time work than full-time, so it’s perfect for supplemental income.

Tip: Work experience or mega good looks will usually get you a visa sponsorship. But no experience is usually ok for part-time gigs.

Some media companies that hire: TBSefm Radio, Arirang TV/Radio


Voice Acting Jobs in Korea

Even if you don’t like coming out on camera, you can take your acting talents behind the mic. Voice acting jobs in Korea include English language material, voices for GPS (“turn left here!”), reading maketing copy for TV or radio, reading shopping mall announcements, and tons of other opportunities. The more experience you have in voice acting (and of course, the more awesome your voice), the better paying jobs you can get. But even for those with no experience at all, many of these jobs simply look for native speakers of other languages. Not all voice acting jobs are advertised on the internet, so if you have a demo tape (or can make one), try going by foot to these studios to sell your services. There are plenty of part-time opportunities advertised on the internet at decent rates, but visa sponsored jobs are extremely rare. These are great for supplemental income, not so great for main income. Be sure to have your own job!

Tip: Places with many recording studios: Hongdae University Station (Line 2, see Naver map here) and Gangnam-gu Office Station (Line 7, see Naver map here)


Editing Jobs in Korea

If you’re not a teacher, but pretty good with words, there are a number of editing jobs in Korea (mostly for English). Many of these jobs can be found with agencies that will look stupid if they have super Konglish (Korean-style English – e.g. “Now, Happy Sunny Smile Day with Us!”) on their work. Most of the work is to make sure the company or agency doesn’t look stupid. The pay is comparable to teaching English in Korea, and there are many opportunities for full-time, visa-sponsored work. Most of these will be advertised on the internet, but are of course not as numerous as teaching jobs. Don’t forget to constantly check Korean job sites to apply as soon as possible. Oh yea, and be good at English too 😉

Tip: There are editing jobs for languages other than English, but not common.


Education (Non-teaching) Jobs in Korea

The English-teaching industry in Korea is so big that there are non-teaching jobs in Korea for education companies. The very same companies that offer English teaching jobs in Korea will also offer non-teaching jobs in Korea, including human resources, trainers, content development & research jobs. These jobs usually have to do with teaching English but will not require you to be in front of a classroom teaching kids that’ll run circles around you. You’ll most likely be the ones making the English language textbooks or hiring/training other teachers. Full-time work with occasional visa sponsorship.


Marketing Jobs in Korea

Maybe you want to go the corporate route. If you do, and don’t speak much Korean, there are still some marketing job opportunities in Korea (usually full-time work with visa sponsorships). Many of these will still greatly prefer Korean speakers to make inter-company communication easier, but it is not a must. Experience is also usually the same (preferred, but not always a requirement). Because these companies sometimes have to market to non-Koreans, they’ll need someone with a non-Korean mindset. So be ready to sell your own peeps some Korean stuff. If you’re good with social networking, job opportunities will also increase as well. All those 4 AM facebook sessions weren’t a waste after all!


Specialized Jobs

If you’re uber talented and have specialized skills, you might be able to score a few jobs in Korea. Usually this is with IT jobs (programming, engineering), but if you’ve got the goods, you don’t have to speak too much Korean. Just be sure that you can show them your skills. Visa sponsorship is usually offered for full-time work.
Have you worked any of these jobs in Korea? Tell us your experiences in the comments section!

Keith Kim is a Korean-American living in Seoul, Korea. He likes espresso shots, photography art and he loves his Playstation 3. He started seoulistic.com as a hobby site, and is now in the process of turning it into a full-time business. Wish him luck! Check out his blog for an uncensored view on entrepreneurship, dating and life in Korea. Personal Blog: gyopokeith.com Facebook: facebook.com/gyopokeithkim Twitter: @gyopokeith Youtube: "Gyopokeith e-mail me anytime at: gyopokeith [at] gmail.com


  1. Athena says:

    What about working at a restaurant as a server or bartender? I’ve seen quite a few foreigners weighing tables in Itaewon and sometimes even in Hongdae. I think students or artists often take this route. I also sometimes see local hostels looking for live-in employees. The pay is usually only a little higher than Korean minimum wage, but you get a free place to stay since you would be boarding at the hostel. The hours can be wonky though, so you need to be flexible. My 2¢.

    • Nabila Zulkifli says:

      I think all the list are more to the list of jobs that people outside of Korea are looking into, in order to stay in Korea ^^

  2. To clarify, private tutoring is technically illegal unless you’re, a) on an F-series visa, or b) on a student visa, and have permission from your professors. Anyone else could be subject to hefty fines and/or deportation.

    Even considering the consequences, a lot of people still choose to take on private tutoring work, but it’s something everyone should be aware of before they make their decision. I’ve heard that the Korean government even offers a reward for reporting illegal tutors, so if you do choose to take on privates, be wary who you tell about it.

    • tina says:

      Does that mean, the other way round, that with an F-visa (dependent family member) I AM actually legally allowed to do some private tutoring? or small scale editing? without troubling my project partners about visa?

    • In that case, you maybe able to do exchange lessons to learn Korean! You can teach your native language for free in exchange for Korean lessons from native Koreans. One of such site is crosslesson.com , check it out. For free rooms you might want to visit couchsurfing.com … Good luck!

  3. Keith says:

    Great suggestions Athena!
    And very useful/important information KJF :)

  4. Kelly says:

    So I’m a software / web developer from the US. What job site link should I use for finding programming jobs in Seoul? Most of the jobs I see are for teaching which I’m not interested in. Thanks a lot Keith for the links already provided.

  5. Maeva says:

    Aah, suddenly feel down after reading this ;_;
    How about working in tourism ? I know in France there are more and more people who wants to go to Korea. Are there any work there for foreigners ?

  6. Keith says:

    Hi Kelly, from personal experience if you work with Web 2.0, there won’t be many jobs available. Korea’s web programming is very different than that of other places in the world. Work opportunities are more available for systems engineers, building databases, etc. things of that nature

    Maeva, there are some jobs of tourism. But that I am not too familiar with. I did meet a french women who was a concierge at Lotte hotel once also, and have seen job advertisements for jobs of that kind, but they are not common at all 😛

  7. des says:

    hi keith, so Singaporeans can’t do teaching as we are not ‘native’ English speakers? :( Would you suggest we try for non-teaching posts instead? thanks… really interested to come to Korea to work but not sure where to start..

  8. Keith says:

    @des there are definitely job opportunities to teach, but getting a visa might be hard. I think the Korea government officially recognizes USA, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand as ‘native’ english speaking countries, which is important when getting a job.

    For non-teaching jobs, you basically have to demonstrate that you’re better than the average Korean at something in order to get a visa. And since so many Koreans speak English well, you have to offer something that normal Koreans can’t (thus the jobs that are listed above).

    My suggestion (for getting a job as well as a visa in Korea) would be to build work experience (in a certain field) as well as learn Korean. If you got no experience/skills to offer, and you can’t speak Korean, it is will be difficult. Hope this explains a bit more!

    • nina says:

      vous pouvez svp me donner votre email? i want really ask you help thanks~

    • Serenity says:

      You stated USA, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand are the ‘native’ english speaking countries that Korea recognizes. I am from an English speaking country, the native language is English and only English, there isn’t an official second language. Why is it difficult to get an English teaching job, for English Speaking countries that are not on the mentioned list. Is there any possibility to get a offer?

    • Ralph says:

      Hi Keith, there are 7 native English speaking nations that the Korean government recognises not 6. You missed Ireland off your list.

  9. Paola says:

    An easy way to learn Korean?? I was in Korea for almost two years…..I tried to learn…but my time for studies was really tight…I would like to come back for visit and show my Koreans friends I learned more …..will be awesome

    • Nabila Zulkifli says:

      Paola, of course, learning another new language is never easy, but I’ve been studying Korean (classes and self-study, and doing free tutoring in my university of beginners) and here’s my suggestion.

      1) Learn how to read Hangul (But seeing that you were in Korea for almost two years, I would believe that you would already know how to read and some basic expressions?)
      2) Online resources are very helpful, if you know how to look. Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK) or KoreanClass101, are both very popular, but TTMIK is mostly free, and they have very interactive videos that helps you understand the language/slangs/informal things better.
      3) Books. This is the trickiest part. I think a lot of people tend to go through the easy route and grab those “Expressions” books, that will be helpful if you want to get by for a few weeks as a tourist in Korea, but now if you really want to master the language itself. Learn from the basic. I would definitely suggest Kleartextbook(you can get them from amazon, its not that expensive, and a lot of universities in the states us it as an official book. It is also published by the University of Hawaii, who the Korean Language Program has high reputation of being the best in the states). Kleartextbook also have online website (kleartextbook,com) where you will be provided the audio service (to help you with the pronunciation of the passage and vocabs). And they have the books until the 8th level, so the consistency of it will help you if you decided to study until the high advanced level. Hope it’d helps!

  10. des says:

    hi keith, thanks for the explanation. I have my TOPIK certs, (if that is of any help?) and can speak Korean quite alright as of now. As for skills, hmmm I am in the accountancy major but I do not want to go into that field if I were to work in korea, was hoping to be in the non-technical fields… guess i will have to look for non-teaching jobs hopefully in hagwons.

  11. Mich says:

    I was keen on teaching English in Korea, but after doing my own research and finding out that my country (Singapore as well – hi des) is not recognised as a ‘native English’ country, am shelving that thought for now. I also realise that in most of the writing/editing jobs listed on craigslist, for example, they are also looking for ‘native English’ speakers, which is probably along the same countries that are favourably looked upon for English teachers. it is a pity, though; I taught Korean mature aged students for a year, and I was told that it was nice to have an Asian teacher who teaches English, as they would better be able to relate to the students.

  12. des says:

    hi mich…! thanks for the info…oh man this is bad…our degrees are well recognized but yet we can’t even go teaching overseas. So have you tried any other jobs when you were in Korea? Was it hard to get recruited.? I have been looking alot at the recruitment sites but……. How can I contact you? Maybe we can keep in touch ^^ I really was hoping to go there soon actually :(

  13. parnia says:

    Hi honestly i will do any thing if i can go to korea and liveeeeeeeeeeee

  14. David says:

    Hi Keith!
    its interesting to know about job opportunities in korea of various fields but i was wondering about the opportunities in design department? what about graphic design jobs or maybe illustration job? concept arts , video game arts and any jobs that relates to illustration and design. Im really curious about the job market in design there 😀

    Thanks in advance!

    • Seka says:

      that’s a very good question. I also interested at graphic design and illustration jobs in Korea. hmmmm but i think there are sooooooo many many really good korean illustrators and designers. u should be a H.R.Giger to get a job in this area, kkk.
      and i think to find a job as graphic designer is difficult everywhere ._.

  15. Angelo says:

    안녕하세요 Keith :) i want to become a broadcaster in Korea is it possible for me to apply as a broadcaster in one of these stations(KBS,MBC,SBS) 감사합니다 ^^

  16. Faith says:

    Hi. I have a question. Is there more others opportunities for foreigners? For example… is it posible to work in restaurant or… in a coffee shop and etc?

  17. vatey says:

    How to get a midwife or a doctor job in korea

  18. Ari'el says:

    Hey how would i search for Media Jobs or Voice Acting Jobs in Korea? Do i search their sites.

  19. Naomi says:

    Heyyy thanks for these suggestions! For teaching in Korea, do u need to have a degree in English?

  20. Keith says:

    @Angelo, I’m not sure about being a broadcaster. Personally, I’ve never seen a non-Korean broadcaster (your Korean pronunciation has to be perfect). But there are definitely many actors/TV personalities.

    @Faith – Yes foreigners do work in restaurants or coffee shops, but the pay is quite low. And you have to have your own visa (usually students I believe?)

    @ Ari’el – Look on the job sites listed above. They usually advertise on those job sites. But sometimes you will find Voice acting jobs advertised on Korean sites (if you can read Korean)

    @ Naomi – Nope! for any regular teaching position, your major can be anything. But English is usually a bonus :)

  21. Noémie says:

    Is it impossible to be a doctor in Korea?

  22. Alex says:

    what about economics? Can I get a job in this field?

  23. Ari'el says:

    Thank-you I will check it out it shouldn’t be that big of a problem cause i can read korean but dont know many words….just a couple

  24. Octavia says:

    I am continually browsing online for ideas that can benefit me.

  25. Jasmine says:

    What about a video game designer in Korea?

  26. john methew says:

    Make your dream come true with Teachangle providing you the free online tutoring where you can choose your own tutor according to your needs and online teaching as well as freelance jobs.

  27. cynt says:

    Do you know about jobs like nutritionist, physiotherapist that kind of job ?
    Or is it included in ”specialized jobs” ?

    Thanks :)

  28. Lynn says:

    Am mechanical Engineering but cannot speak korean what can I do if want to work in Korea , am from Thailand

  29. mrm says:

    Your comment. Hi i have 14 years petrochemical exprience do you think i can get a job in KOREA ?meanwhile 4years ago for 2 weeks i have been in KOREA for training .


    .happy new 2013 for every one .my name is TEKAM WANKO LEOPOLD i am cameroonian for 37 years old.i need to travel in south korea to look for a job.how can i do?thank you for help me travel in korea.

  31. Pewang Yonzon says:

    so its seems that its not possible for an indian to get a teaching job in south korea even if i’ve got degree in English.

  32. mrm says:

    Your comment…

  33. Cornel says:

    I’m from south africa and would like to know if there are any construction jobs for non-koreans or even maintenance work at hotels. I’ve basically finished my NDip Building course , but just waiting for the results. Any suggestions?

  34. JL says:

    I wanna move back to Korea. I can speak both chinese and english fluently. Is there any job opportunity besides teaching? Also do I need to have a job sponsor to apply for visa?

  35. “Want to Work in Korea, But Korean Not Perfect? Teaching & Non-teaching Jobs in Korea | Seoulistic
    – Korea Simplified” was indeed a remarkable article.
    In case it possessed a lot more pics this could be possibly even more
    effective. All the best ,Randi

  36. Matt says:

    Hey, iv wanted to go work in Korea for awhile. Im working on getting my mechanic license but that doesnt involve getting a BA/BS at most its a 2year degree instatute. How practical do you think it would be for me to find a Auto related job in korea this way? Also I have to admit it really feels like Teaching english is really the only decent way unless your really good looking, haha. (Also im learning korean at the moment. Words and spelling are coming pretty easily its just the SOV vs SVO thats getting me Subject/Verb/Objective.)

  37. rakib mahmud says:

    hello……….i am Bangladeshi, now i am students.i have completed B.B.S( bachelor of business study ) in national university of Bangladesh & now i studied in M.com(masters of commerce)…But i have no any legal experience of any work….can i do apply for Korean any worker visa………………?

  38. rakib mahmud says:

    hello……….i am Bangladeshi, now i am students.i have completed B.B.S( bachelor of business study ) in national university of Bangladesh & now i studied in M.com(masters of commerce)…i have also reading,writing,speaking & listening well in English.But i have no any legal experience of any work….can i do apply for any Korean visa………………?

  39. Lyzette says:

    I really really want to work in Korea! Can someone from the Philippines land a job in Korea? I just finished taking up Electronics Engineering and sadly, I realized that there’s no high demand for engineering graduates here. :( I’m studying Korean Language at Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines and hopefully I’ll pass with flying colors until I take my TOPIK. 😀 Maybe someday this will help me achieve my Korean dreams. 😛

  40. KAI says:

    Hi Keith, I would hope to serve in the Korea Coast Guard.
    Is it possible to do that because i am a non-korean.
    How and what should i do if i want to be a part of the KCG?
    Thank you in advance.

  41. Darren says:

    Hi Seoulistic!
    Being a English native speaker is one of the pre-requisites to being an English teacher? I noted that you also stated Asian English speaking countries like Singapore is not considered? May I ask why so?

    How do you define native since I have friends who are Westerners and they don’t speak English as well as me. Would they be considered eligible? Do Singaporeans stand no chance on being a school teacher? I know of Koreans who teach english, and Korea isn’t a native English speaking country.

    What about private tutoring? Singaporeans also not eligible to apply? What about an editors job? Do enlighten me on this.

    • Keith says:

      Hi Darren,
      The reason these jobs don’t apply to Asian countries is because of the visa. The government give visas to “Western” English speaking countries. As for tutoring, you could get a job but as koreajobfinder said… It’s illegal :/

  42. miriam says:

    I’m wondering if you can give information about internships…
    I’m specifically interested in the anything with Fashion or Textiles. Is there a website that makes it easy to find internships in Korea?

  43. Katarina says:

    Hi Keith! I was reading this article because next year I’m graduating (high school) and looking to go to Korea for a year to work afterwards. My boyfriend of two and a half years came to Canada as an international student and recently he went back to Korea and took me with him! I can speak intermediate Korean and although I was a bit shy at first learned a lot in the two months I spent there. I feel really lucky that his parents have accepted me and have said they’d approve if we decided to get married in the future (I’ve heard that sometimes a veeerrrry opposite reaction can happen when Koreans date foreigners). They suggested that I come to Korea to work for a year after I graduate and we all thought it would be a good idea. The only issue is I have no idea what kind of work I’d be eligible for. I know that you need a University Degree to become a teacher and that tutoring is illegal, so we’re trying to come up with other options. My Korean isn’t bad and will probably improve a lot before next year, but I’m not sure if I’d be good enough for just an everyday job. I noticed someone mention acting which is a stroke of luck for me because I’ve been an actor since I was very young. I’ve worked in theater since I was five and was accepted into a special performance High School, but didn’t go due to distance. I don’t know if you’d need to get a visa before you go or what to do at all, so I’m a bit worried about it all. Editing isn’t out of the question either because my mother is an English Language Arts/Literature/Second Language teacher and as a result I grew up with a pretty hefty skill set in that Area. I’m going to major in Linguistics after I come back and then hopefully get a teaching job teaching English in Korea after I get my degree. I just don’t know how I’d go about actually getting a job in acting or editing, should I get a visa and then go and look or something else? Thanks for the help!

  44. abir says:

    hi i m from Tunisia i can speak arabic english& french also i have a degree in international law what kind of job can i do it ?? thanks

  45. kcanu says:

    Your comment…hi,im from nepal.now i ve passed 12 class.i can speak,readin and writting english well. and i know korean language little bit but i can’t reply that is my problem.i want to work on restaurant and i’ve no idea for this. how can i do apply for korean visa.so please help me

  46. qasim khan says:

    Your comment…
    hi i m qasim and live in korea but not perfect in korean.. but i want to make the job of marketing if you have any post then contact me in this number..0082 105 8283371

  47. kashif khan says:

    hi i m kashif from Pakistan i had completed my bachelor in textile designing and want to work in Korea. but dont know korean plz help me for job and visa

  48. Candice says:


    I am an aspiring actress in the US with some experience. Would love to work in Korea. Could you give some advice on where to look? How to get in contact with the companies that are casting? any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  49. Keith says:

    @Candice try: https://www.facebook.com/communitykorea they always have short term gigs

  50. lloyd says:

    Hi Keith,
    I am doing actuarial science in college. And I am tryingto get a summer internship in finances or investment are you aware of any companies that can help?

  51. Candice says:

    Thank you Keith!

  52. bernadette says:

    hi..am an f2 visa holder and lives in masan..i was browsing for jobs and found your site..i am not a native speaker but i can do well in teaching english (i used to work in Turkey as an english teacher) but the problem i si am not yet well conversed with korean..my friends also filipino were already teaching here but they said that hanguk mal is required..i really need to find a job as i am getting bored staying at home doing nothing..could you recommend a job near to my place? which does not require a native speaker and hanguk mal..thanks and i hope to hear from you.

    • Dipen Manandhar says:

      Hi I wanna apply too for F2 visa in Korea.Currently I have D2 visa,studying phd in optical Networks. Would you suggest me some useful information for apply F2 ?
      Thank you

  53. Masha says:

    If I know English good, but I’m not native speaker is it possible to find job as a teacher of English ? (I am Russian and Ukrainian native speaker )

  54. Awesome issues here. I’m very satisfied to see your article. Thanks so much and I’m
    having a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  55. tina says:

    Hi ! I think that this article is very interesting so I thank you for that !
    I have a question and I couldn’t find an answer on the net : How to find a summer job for teaching french in Korea ? Is it even possible to find that ?

  56. mz says:

    Wow, really interesting.

    I found the part about Singapore not being a “Native English” country really, uhrm.. questionable though.
    Our education system has been monitored and supported even at elementary level, by Cambridge and Oxford University.

    Our local Universities are taught ONLY in English, and are ranked amongst the top in the world.

    I guess being Asian just means we’re not “Native Speakers” and that’s about it, eh? hahaha

    Anyway, thank you for this very insightful entry. I’m at that crossroad where I’m looking for a job, and since I’m in love with Korea and the Korean culture, and since I’m slowly speaking better Korean as the day goes by, I was thinking of teaching there. Though I took an American degree, I guess by definition of Asian/Singaporean, I’m not a Native Speaker :(

    Oh well.. stuck here in Sg then. lol

    • Che says:

      Dear MZ and others,

      Yes, it sucks that ‘native-like English speakers’ who are racially East-Asian (like many gyopos like Keith) or South-East Asian are not regarded as native English speakers. A big part of this is that there is no real practical reason for 99% of native Korean speakers to learn English. The ‘need’ is artificially manufactured by the social institutions: media, state, school, public, etc. Because of several factors racially non-East Asian/ South-East Asians, especially whites are represented and reified as ‘foreigners’, by the vast majority of native Korean speakers. As a result of this I, for example, being a white guy, am constantly approached in public in Seoul in English, even though I speak Korean and speak in public in Korean. My whiteness is merely a signal to desperately engage in real English practice with a foreigner. So while it can be harder to make money in SK teaching English, at least there is some change that you are regarded as Korean, spoken to in Korean, and realize the very important sense of group solidarity and group membership in the 한민족.

  57. France says:

    Hello, I’m a Filipina, I’m a communication arts graduate and currently working as a video editor. I just wanna ask if companies do hire foreign editors? Or writer? I’m really interested in working there. Thank you!

  58. İbrahim KIRKAN says:

    Please contact with me by mail I need to ask some questions :/

  59. Stephen says:

    Hi there,

    I am currently a iphone applications developer in Melbourne and am looking to relocate to south korea. Would you be able to help me out with some links of where to apply for similar jobs? I would be willing to do any sort of programming not just for ios.


  60. KEN12 says:

    Can I ask a question? I s it possible for me to land a job? I am undergraduate, I finished my 2nd year in college last 2010. My job right now is a call center agent and I want to work in KOREA.I’m interested in Voice Acting or the media job. My passion is singing and I hope I can find a job where I can showcase my voice or use my voice.I’m also a hardworking person but my problem is, I’m not a degree holder :( I hope I could find a job there MY E-MAIL [email protected]

  61. Nate says:

    I’m a foreigner (American) who got to work in a Korean company for a while (five months on assignment) and it was a fantastic experience. It really helps if you can speak the language – although a lot of work was done in English, it really makes your office relationships much better. So, language is fairly key (despite what some people say). There are definitely a lot more foreigners in “professional” positions than just five years ago. http://www.seoulprofessionals.com has a variety of listings for English-speaking foreigners.

  62. Rosel says:

    VERY INTERESTING. It’s a bit like racial discrimination about Asian English speakers not valid for the posts. It’s a sad truth. I’m a Filipinina ESL Tutor and I witnessed these things. There are many ESL tutorial online companies that commit fraud. I mean requiring the teachers to pretend to be americans and even create fake american backrounds just for the heck of it. It’s so ironic,I’m typing this right now in my work station in a company handling turkish clients. (Turks will be furious if they discover that they’re taught by asians. They do not regard themselves as asians). Yes, this is widely spread! Even in asia! They look up to the westernians as better teachers. I’m talking about phone classes with Japanese,Chinese and Koreans,too. Also, the pay rate is unfair. These companies are paid in dollars by the fooled clients and these awesome teachers are left with the low peso rate and the fact that they can’t divulge any personal stuff about themselves(being a teacher is supposed to be a heartfelt relationship) AND (there’s more) it is not them that are being credited once the student learned English but Westernians themselves! I tell you,ESL teachers are more likely better to teach you about grammar than native speakers…. sorry about the comment but I fel really sad about this.

  63. Hello! I just wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the great data you could have right here on
    this post. I will likely be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

  64. Tyson says:

    Hello guys I am an Australian citizen and will possibly teach English in Korea from August later this year, but I was also wondering what are the chances of a foriegner working in the security industry over there? Preferably I would like to work crowd control (“bouncing”) in Korean bars and clubs – as I have extensive experience in that industry back here in Australia, as well as a proficient grasp of the Korean language that I studied back in university – despite not being of Korean heritage (rather an Australian with Vietnamese heritage!).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  65. Francesca says:

    Hi! I’m italian and I was wondering if it was difficult or impossible to find a job as a native speaker, since the most in demand still remain English.

  66. norwegiangirl says:

    Hi i’m norwegian/latin and i’m good in english but since i’m not from the usa does that mean it will be harder for me to get a job there?
    What about studying? do you know how good my grades should be to apply for a university in korea? cause i really want to study in korea but i’m still not sure what i want to study.. :/ any suggestion?

  67. Kelvin says:

    Im married to a Korean and I was hoping to teach english there. Unfortunately I never went to university, although I am in the process of completing a Diploma of Accounting Online. If I continue this into Bachelor level will that count as a Uni degree or do I have to physically attend a University for it to count.

    • Phoebe says:

      You will be eligible for an F2 visa. If you research this online, you will find you will get a right to the residency visa, which means you can pretty much bypass having a degree as you only need the degree to get a visa. But seen as you would have a residency visa you can work where ever!

  68. Whats up! I simply want to give a huge thumbs up for the nice data you could have right
    here on this post. I will likely be coming again to your blog for extra

  69. Hettie says:

    I have taught as an assistant teacher in South Korea before. I am graduating the end of this year with a B.A. in English degree from the USA, although I am from South Africa originally. I can read and write Korean, but am not fluent in speaking Korean. I am determined to get a permanent teaching job in Korea next year. I love South Korea and have many Korean and foreign friends living in South Korea, who are hoping that I would be able to return and find a good job. My husband will be coming with me and needs to eventually find a job too. However, he has a very specialized job of being a Senior Technician on racing Ferraris. He has worked on other exotic cars too and has been granted a special visa in the USA because of his specialized skills. I have not seen many exotic foreign cars when I was in Korea and am apprehensive about finding him a job. Do you think it will be difficult to find my husband a job in South Korea? Thank you for an enjoyable site which I find extremely helpful.

  70. Georgia says:

    안녕하세요Keith! I am from the UK, and I’m hoping to become a doctor one day. After I graduate and have finished my two years training , is there any possibility of me being able to get work as a doctor (in a hospital) in South Korea? 감사합니다!

  71. Juncong says:

    Hi there, I’m from Singapore. Came across this post and decided to ask for opinions. I have experience in the horseracing industry, and hopes to ply my trade at the Korea Racing Authority (KRA). Have taken some elementary classes in Korean. Able to speak/write English and Chinese. Is there any likelihood of me securing job there?


  72. Hiya! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d ask.
    Would you be interested in exchanging links or
    maybe guest writing a blog post or vice-versa? My site covers a lot of the same topics as yours
    and I think we could greatly benefit from each other. If you might
    be interested feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Wonderful blog by the way!

  73. maria ahmad says:

    hi keith , how are you ?
    my name is maria ,i’m 20 years old & i’m from jordan . i speak arabic & english fluently .
    i’m intermediate in korean & i took 2 level from 6 in spanish but i’m still a university student .
    i have alot of korean friends & they say i’m so good at languages .
    can i find a job in korea ?? in teaching or translating ??
    please , this is important for me , can u replay on me ASAP??
    thank you .

  74. maria ahmad says:

    hello keith ~~
    if you get my email , can u please email me ??

  75. frha says:

    I’m a Singaporean and I’m really interested in having a teaching career in Korea. But, the only thing I have with me for now is a diploma in Nursing. Wondering if somehow, that would be useful there… sigh sadly only native speaking countries are considered. But just for my knowledge, are there any other job opportunities that can be considered with what I have now?

  76. Colton McCoy says:

    Are there any jobs in law enforcement available to foreigners?

  77. aibi says:

    Hi. Im a mass communication student and I plan on working at korea by the time I graduate. I know that I need experience and stuff so Im planning to go there after a few years of working in my own country. Is there any journalism related career opportunity in s.korea? And is there any other career related to the course im studying right now? Please reply, I hve been wanting to go there since I was 12. Thank you so much. You can email me if you want to.

  78. Luis says:

    My name is Luis, Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, currently studying korean language at University of Seoul (beginers level). Im D41 Visa holder (in August I will be able to work, after 6 months) and my dream is staying in Seoul for the future. I am looking for those marketing jobs to make it possible but I did not find any one that does not require experience. Plus I still dont know if I have to do something special once August come and I extend my D4 Visa in order to be able to work finally.. Any suggestion about that?

  79. sarah says:

    i have no chance in here :(. i study english in college and korean too but since i’m not from any of the mentioned countries and a female………..i guess it will be not easy for me to live in korea…i need some piece of advice.i’m from egypt

  80. jane corpuz says:

    if a filipino tourist already here in korea then someone or an employer who owns a learning center for kids like to sponsor the filipino inorder to secure a working visa , is that possible?

    • mars says:

      im mars,, originally from the philippines but currently working here in italy…. i’ve been working as an english teacher for 2 years now at the same time 6 years teaching computer in the consulate…
      love to go to korea someday and wish to work there too… any jobs like teaching, editing english there?
      since im fluent in english and italian too…
      hoping for a positive reply…. grazie!

  81. bena says:

    Your comment…hai am bena from india..i need to work in korea

  82. bena says:

    Your comment…bcoz i love korean culture n everything, i am a web developer,now i am working in a small web developing company…can u please tel me the proper way to search web developing jobs in korea

  83. bena says:

    Your comment…i dont know korean language ..some of the words only i knw in korea..i knw english,i love korean peoples,can u please tel me…

  84. bena says:

    i was graduated at my town..i am an computer science engineer.

  85. sara says:

    im sara frome morroco im 17 years old and i want to study and work in korea but i dont know what to do i speek english arabic frensh and spanich i hope someone could help me to know what to do thanks

  86. Charles Eggleston says:

    Tutoring jobs are hard to find in Korea, because they are illegal for foreigners that are not under the F-2 visa. If you are tutoring under an E-2 you are breaking the law!

  87. bista kulbahadur says:


  88. bista kulbahadur says:

    pls i need ur right suggestion as soon as possible. thank you

  89. shella says:

    im currently working for a company in seoul and urgently hiring for CS position. If you are fluent in english and can speak korean, please let me know.

  90. sam says:

    Hi, I was just wondering whether or not its possible for foreigners to become pharmacists in Korea?

  91. fatima says:

    hi im Fatima im 20 years old I love korea too much and I will come to korea I can speak Korean but not very well I want come and working anything in korea weather ness hours kipping please help me for get visa and come to korea and get work

  92. kapil mavi says:

    hi keith i am from india and i love to live in korea i am a bollywood dance teacher i am teaching last 7 years in schools and choreo so many things so can i get a good job in dance teaching in sschools and colleges. i already perfomed in seoul busan and naminara island . so plz help me thank u

  93. mike says:


  94. Mona says:

    hi, I am a call center representative for more than 6 years now, would there be any jobs in korea where I could qualify? Any jobs would do… Really wanted to work in Korea..

  95. mariam says:

    hi,I am mariam 20 years old iam from egypt now iam studying landscape and i wanna ask if i want to get a landscape job in korea it will be problem or it will be easy . i really really want ur help in that …… thanxs

  96. arjun says:

    thanks keith having a lot of patience with u,,, then hello to u. i m indian and finished mechanical engg and having an 4yrs of gulf experience. so with this experience i can look out for jobs in korea?? what do u say for this?.

    and already have stamped korean visa once in my passport. is it help soo in any ways..

    thank u n awaiting for revert..

  97. arjun says:

    thanks keith having a lot of patience with u,,, then hello to u. i m indian and finished mechanical engg and having an 4yrs of gulf experience. so with this experience i can look out for jobs in korea?? what do u say for this?.

    and already have stamped korean visa once in my passport. is it help soo in any ways..

    thank u n awaiting for revert..

  98. stanslaus kunmabi says:

    Hi Keith
    I am from tanzania, i am asking if there are availability of jobs related to nutrition and public health, is it easy to get such kind of jobs? i am planning to come there for masters degree in public health or nutrition
    let me know pls!

  99. Serene says:

    Hi Keith, Thanks for the information

    I have a keen interest in working in Korea but as i am holding Singapore passport it seems they doesn’t allow Singaporean to work there? Can someone enlighten me on this issue? Thanks

  100. Nami says:

    Ok, so I’m reading this article and I begin to realise… I need to find a Korean husband, preferably before I graduate from college. Any advise ON THAT??

    I’m pretty, speak two languages already and expect to get a Science bachelor degree in 3 years!! (and would LOVE if he shared at least some of those)

  101. auditor says:

    Hi Keith

    I am keen to work as auditor in Korea but I do not speak any Korean language. How do I go about looking for such job opening?

  102. Katerina says:

    Hi Keith! One simple question! —> I am Greek! that means that I can’t teach english in Seoul…. ( but I DO speak english,german, italian and spanish!!!!!). Could I teach greek in Seoul?????? Is there any koreans that are interested in learning greek???????? ..I guess the answer is ”NO”. What could I do there as a greek girl????? Hmmm…. I am very good looking…so maybe I will be a korean model…hahahaha ( joke 😛 )

  103. Mohamed says:

    I’m Mohamed I’m Egyptian now I’m in Korea all times I search for job. I’m photographer. I work on Adobe Photoshop. I speak English read and write. I need job.

  104. Lilis says:

    Hi Keith,

    I’m lilis.My skill in aviation store like purchasing,logistic and store system.I also have diploma in hotel management and catering.how can i get the job in korea.i can write and speak in english.tqvm

  105. arjun says:

    hello keith.

  106. renuka says:

    hey i am renuka from India.i am a software engineer and i love seoul so i want work there as an software engineer.is it possible to get job?

  107. Alexander says:

    Hello Keith,

    I’m Korean from Russian speaking country. At present, I’m looking for an opportunity to find a job in Korea. I’m searching for a job in IT related field.

    Graduated from Japanese university (Master’s program). Computer science and system engineering. Russian – native, English – fluent, Japanese – conversational, Korean – will start learning next month.

    Could you probably give some tips (links, resources…) to look for a proper job in Korea?

    Thanks in advance.
    Anticipating your reply.

  108. S. M. Anasta says:

    I like to work in Korea … I can teach English …. I can speak English … I want to come Korea … Please help me … This is my mobile no. 0094724505183 … Help me its a big help for me dear …

  109. Aidai says:

    Hello everyone!)we are 2 girls from Kyrgyzstan, but now we are in Europe,studying bachelor by economics, so next september we would like to take intership or job in Korea, Seul..we dont know korean,but we know english,french,czech,russian,kyrgyz,turkish.please could u suggest smth guys?we would be glad!)thanks in addition)

  110. Mike Cho says:

    To whoever willing to help me with some useful info,
    I am a Korean who lived in California for 24years who speak English fluently but very limited in Korean. I am looking for a job of any sort that deals with English speaking environment but even when I try to look for a job most classified is in Korean with the exception of craiglist but with the same repetitive jobs I am not qualified to do.
    I have a 2 year degree in science but don’t have a certificate to teach, nevertheless, I do speak and write really well, without an accent. How can I go about finding a private tutoring job? Or any jobs that deals with English speaking environment? Thank you.

  111. shani says:

    What abt jobs for qualifications like Early childhood n Primary education?

  112. shani says:

    Only good looks r needed to become an actress? Well I have them.

  113. Hanan says:

    Hi Keith ,
    thank you for the explanation i just wanted to know if it’s possible to find a job in medical field ! i’m a dentist and my korean is not good i’m still learning i speak english and french and arabic ;so what is my chances? thanks ^^

  114. elize says:

    i am learning korean in Seoul now (intermediate level) and can speak english and chinese fluently. however i find it hard to find a job here as websites like this provides the type of jobs available but searching for them is really hard. I am very interested in tourism, hotel, and perhaps even entertainment biz. do you guys have any idea who/where are hiring?

  115. profile says:

    Sometimes the leading info is the frequently informedforthright|reliable}.

  116. Ergash Jumabaev says:

    To whoever willing to help me with some useful info,
    I am a uzbek who lived in Uzbekistan for 32years who speak English,Turkish, Russan, Kazaks fluently . I am looking for a job of any sort that deals with English ( or any language which I know )speaking I had passed EPS Topik of Korean republik in 2013 year ;so what is my chances? thanks ^^

  117. It’s truly very complex in this full of activity life to listen news
    on TV, therefore I only use the web for that reason, and get the newest information.

  118. Paalini says:

    Hi Keith!!

    I am looking for any type of summer job or internship in Korea, although teaching would be my first choice. Any websites or agencies you would recommend? I’m finding it very difficult to find a summer position.

  119. Anna Tormis says:

    I really do hope that social media jobs will soon be a big hit in Korea. Will look forward to that. =) Thank you Keith for the info. Very much appreciated. Reading your blog is now becoming my favorite past time. =) Please continue to post more interesting articles! =)

  120. twsys says:

    Hi Keith,

    Can I ask if there is a market for music teaching in Korea either in mainstream schools or privately established music schools? (Either instrumental studies or just a general music programme is fine) I have an education degree and experience in teaching music as well as my TOPIK intermediate certificate (intending to continue with TOPIK advanced). The instruments I am able to teach are piano and singing. Can I also ask if there is a market for music performance in korea? (Both pop and classical, or musical theatre)

    Oh by the way Im from Singapore as well and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many Singaporeans here!

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply ^^

  121. Sanchit says:

    Hi, I am looking for a job in Korea. I have good teaching experience.. I am looking for a computer faculty job in Korea. I have experience in IT too. Though,I have an IT background I am ready for other jobs too if the pay is good. Korea is a good country and has a good tradition. Please let me know if there are any vacancies in Korea.

  122. Essa says:

    Hi there, is there any banks in Korea that do accept other nationality as an employee??

  123. kimlee says:

    to teach in korea. do you HAVE to have a bachelor degree? can you teach if you have an associates degree?

  124. vedanti kelkar says:

    Hello, I am an Architect and an Indian National. I will be getting married in the month of May, 2014 . My husband is doing his post doc in solar physics in Daejon , Korea. I would like to work as an Architect in Daejon , Seoul or Sejong post marriage when I come there . What are the opportunities and how do I go about it ? I am not yet well verse with Korean but eventually I will definitely be learning it.

  125. Diandra says:

    hello im a second year studying design with html and css/php java and stuff like that im 17 now, but after this study i want to do an higher study in this so more mastering in the codes, can you suggest some places where i can work for in s-korea? becaus e maybe i can do my intership there? sorry for my bad english i have still a lot to learn! :) i am also good in photo editing and photography and after affects, just really into the interactive side :)

  126. amanda says:

    Hi Keith, Im a Malaysian who currently having my postgraduate in China for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, is it possible for me to find an internship in Korea as teacher teaching mandarin? Hope to hear from u soon..Cheers..

  127. Eleena says:

    Hello Keith,

    I’m from Malaysia but I grew up in the United Kingdom making English my first language. However, I don’t have a resident passport. I don’t live in the UK anymore but I do have a degree in Linguistics from a well-known university in the UK. How do you think I fare should I apply for teaching jobs in Korea? Cause I’ve been there and I love the country! :)


  128. Darryl Cooper says:

    I am from Trinidad and Tobago, I speak only English. But I find your country interesting. i would like to know more about the country and job opportunities in Korea.

  129. alison says:

    Hi i am working in automobile research feild and have done my B.E and have visited korea several times earlier ..i am looking for permant job there..I can speak , read and write little bit of korean . please help me out with any good consultancy or a way to find job there….thank u

  130. Jesus Martin says:

    I’m a Native speaker from Canada but I got my universities degree in Spanish speaking country. Do I still have a chance to get a working visa to teach English in Korea ?
    I also have a TESOL diploma 300 hrs .

  131. Aira says:

    Hi! Do I really need to be a native English speaker to teach English in Seoul? I, besides English, can speak Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Do Koreans have interest in any of those other languages?

  132. raaz says:

    can e9 visa holder can join universities in korea

  133. PHOEURN says:

    I am cambodian. Is it possible to find Telecommunication jobs in GSM network operator in Korea due to non Korea-speaking.


  134. jerlyn says:

    hi. i really wanted to teach ESL in Korea i can speak English fluently and slight of Korean but i think i’m not qualified because i’m from Philippines and im not from a native english speaking country. i just wanted to ask if there’s still for me to be qualified?? seriously i badly want to teach in korea..

  135. rosalie cayaban says:

    hi! i”m from Philippines, i’m secondary teacher major in math. Before that, I’ve been tutoring for the 3-6 years old kids and elementary local and abroad mostly in middle east. i’m fond teaching basic at the early age as my part time in that place because after a year or less they knew already how to read, before interring elementary or prep. It is possible to teach in Korea? Since that we are not native speaking country but English is the second language in the Philippines. are we consider in your country? actually we are tutoring also Korean here. I knew how to read Korean Alphabet and understand a little of your language but not fluently speaking because we want Korean to learn English here in our country first so that we can understand each other.

  136. Tina says:

    what about the graphic design industry? I have a certificate in Adobe photoshop, and loooove graphic design,but I also want to ask about working in supermarket or craft shops specifically because I like crafting, can these jobs support proper income until I find another job? also another question that might seem stupid, what is visa sponsoring?

  137. Dani says:

    I think the most difficult part is obtaining a visa. I’ve been hired at two separate places as a horseback riding instructor and both employers thought they would be able to sponsor an E 7 visa for me, but immigration declined it. My advice would to verify visa information with a potential employer before you get your hope up.

    • Tina says:

      I’m planning on getting a permanent resident visa, because it’s likely that I will go there without a secured job and I will search for one there.

  138. Suba says:

    Hi, I have 3.5 years exerience in Software testing and currently working in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. I do have Indian Passport and don’t have any Visa. Can anyone please help me in getting job in Korea which is relevant to my profile?

  139. Zahra says:

    Can i go to korea as dentist?Do korea accept foreign dentists and give me visa?how is situation for foreign doctors in south korea?Plz answer me ^ ^

  140. Zahra says:

    Can i go to korea as dentist?Do korea accept foreign dentists and give me visa?how is situation for foreign doctors in south korea?Plz answer me ^ ^.

  141. sanakhan says:

    Hi I m from pakistan I m doing job in dubai now I m in tourism but I did trading business in dubai I like to do marketing so want to do small business in korea so can I do this in korea any one can help me plz send me mail or any co can give me sponsor ship to help them any import export business I have a lot of customers to sale the products thank you best regard sana khan

  142. Stephanie says:

    what is the art scene like in korea? I am a freelance artist and an aspiring tattoo artist that would love to work in korea in these specific fields.
    I heard Hongdae is the “it” place for artsy people but what are my odds of finding a job there in my field and also if I want to get an apprenticeship with a tattoo artist.? my goal is to perfect my VERY bad basic korean and eventually hopefully be a permanent resident… help and advice would be greatly appreciated since I’ve looked for this information in many places with no results…

    thanks a bunch!

  143. tks says:

    Annyeonghaseyo ^^.
    I’m from India and badly want to set up in Korea mostly in Seoul but still I’m confused with choosing the exact for me :-/ I’m 16yrs old, fluent in English and 3 main languages of India but also have a bit attraction in debuting….. Really its risky but can’t decide what to go with plz help :-)

  144. John says:

    Thanks for those good suggestions, I am a Chinese, holding MBA degree specialize in Marketing, English is my working language, is there any links for me to get a job in marketing field? Appreciated!+

  145. kelly says:

    Hy, Keith, i will b really glad if u could help me knw whether i can get a job as a nurse in Korea? I am frm India, ready to learn Korean!

  146. Seerat says:

    Hi Keith!
    I am an Indian national who wishes to pursue a career in the public sector as an English teacher. I have the basic knowledge of Hangul and am set to receive my TEFL certification. I have no prior work experience as I’m a student at the Delhi University with one semester at the London School of economics.
    Can you please guide me through this and tell me if I have a fair chance of landing employment in Korea?

  147. Minishin says:

    Hello! I’m currently living in Korea right now. I’m Korean LOL
    But I’ve been living in Indonesia for 12 years, and now I’m 21y.o
    Currently working in office but as a intern .-.
    I haven’t went to college but I can speak and read Korean, English, but I’m almost like an Indonesian native speaker !
    Is there any job I which fits for me? Thank you so much!!

    Anyway I love this post!!

  148. Jasmine Woods says:

    I am an American student majoring in fashion design. I was wondering if you had any information on the fashion industry in Korea or possible internships/apprenticeships for designers in Korea?

    Love this website. You’ve been helpful so far.

  149. Dylan says:

    Hi Keith, do you mind giving me advise of seeking jobs in Korea? I’ve decided to move there this coming October. I speaks Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia and Korean. Diploma in Marketing.

    Any job will do. As long as i could afford goshiwon rental fee :) As a Malaysian, we only offered with travel visa.

    If you have any ideas, please share with me. I’ll appreciate your help!

  150. Ruan says:

    Hi Keith,

    I’m working as a copywriter in South Africa writing exclusively in English. Are there any specialised (yep, specialised – we don’t use American spelling in SA) sites I can go to? I am considering teaching English over there, but would prefer a job in writing and/or editing so I don’t stray too far from my career path… I’ve got a degree and experience and stuff, so I should be able to get something, right?

    Thanks a lot!

  151. Darwin says:

    Hi Keith, I’m currently studying basic korean language here in the philippines. I’ve work in call center industry for 5 yrs and now I’am still doing home base jobs with my US clients. I’m very good in speaking English but my problem is, I wasn’t able to finished my college degree here. By the way my course is BS Information Technology.I need your advice if i should pursue my plans in working in korea. If ever i will, what are the test or requirements that i need to comply? Or am i qualified for teaching english? Khamsahamnida :)

  152. Rishitosh Ranjan says:

    Hi Keith,
    Hope you are doing well. I am from India and working as a Research Executive in a Market research Company here itself. I did 3 years of Advance Diploma in Korean Language. Afterwards I did Management with Marketing , so looking for the opportunities to work in korea, but one thing that I would like to mention is my Korean language is not up to mark.
    Waiting from your positive response.

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  153. flo says:

    Hi Keith! I’m very interested in working in South Korea when I graduate from university. At first I thought of being an English teacher but now that I see that foreigners can also be a part of the media in South Korea I think that’s where I’d rather head. I’ll be majoring in media (and communications) at University, do you think that could help me for getting a job?

    P.S I’d also love to be a model but how would someone go about that? Hahah.

    Thank you for the post!

  154. Maryam says:

    Hiii,i like kore,im from iran

  155. Timi says:

    I am currently living on Yongsan Garrison U.S. army base with my parents. I work at the Taco Bell right now and I make enough that in a little time i could get a one room flat in seoul. My problem is next year I want to move in with my girlfriend and am looking for a better job. One of my managers used to teach english and he says its a good job, but I will only have a 2-year associates degree this time next year. I have read that you need a 4 year degree, but he told me a 2-year degree would work. I was wondering if anyone knew if this seems like a good option, going for this english teaching job so I can afford living with my girlfriend.

  156. Rameshwar mahato says:

    i am mechanical engineer from nepal ,i want to work in korea manufacturing compony so what i have to do ? and what specialization is required ? give me some suggestion.

  157. Jeanne says:

    And what about teaching french ? and volunteer work like help in orphanage…?Is there any website about intership in Korea for foreigners?

  158. Raykio says:

    Hello, Is there any opportunities to teach chinese or other jobs such as diploma level jobs?

  159. TaiM says:

    i’m studying Psychology i want to get my degree and move to S Korea i hope it i can do it

  160. Ain says:

    I want to experience working in Korea. But I don’t know where to start. I am from Malaysia and I am law graduate. I can’t speak, write or read Korea. Is there any chance? Just asking. Have a good day.. ^___^..

  161. Sharene says:


    I understand why Korea wouldn’t regard Singapore as a native english-speaking country. I am Singaporean but I did my degree in Australia and am currently studying for my MA in Australia as well. (I studied a total of 6.5years in Australia)

    Would they only regard my nationality as to whether I am good enough to be a tutor? I am really keen in working in Korea. My boyfriend is Korean and we plan to settle down in Korea in 2 years so I’m worried about not being able to find a job there.

    Some advice will be appreciated! :)