November 14, 2013
Black face on national television. Shows Korea's lack of exposure/sensitivity to black people.

Understanding Racism in Korea

There's no doubt about it. Every country has its share of crazy racist people. Korea, of course, is no exception. But racism in Korea is sometimes more than just simple, unfound hate. Some of the racism is founded on scars centuries year old, some of it is purely out of fear of the unknown.
October 15, 2013
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Korea Q&A: Anti-Japan Impregnating, Stealing Foreigners

We got another Korea Q&A with Serine from 11x11PM! Here’s your questions, and here’s our answers 🙂 Jeff Scott Elwell asks: Is it easy to go to places […]
May 15, 2013
sex in korea, drugs in korea, politics in korea

Sex, Drugs and Politics: Bad Conversation Topics in Korea

Of course if your best friend is from the good ol' Dae Han Min Guk (Korea), that means you're chummy enough to talk about your sexy time escapades. But if you're so close to all your Korean friends, you might want to know why sex, drugs and politics aren't the best conversation topics.