Should I Be Scared of North Korea?

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Recently, there’s been a lot of news about North Korea. A lot of you may be scared, but ironically the majority of people in South Korea are very calm about it all. See why with this video!

The majority of South Koreans are pretty relaxed about any North Korean news. Of course it’s something that should be monitored over, but if you keep track of it all the time, you’ll just end up going crazy. So instead of being worried about it all the time, people just kind of live their lives.

So should you be worried? Do whatever you what! But the majority of South Koreans are pretty chill :).

What do you think about the North Korea situation? Write a comment below!

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  1. Miki says:

    Haha great video! I was starting to get nervous for my trip to Seoul next month, hopefully everything will be fine :)

  2. Lillie says:

    hahaha awesome video!! so entertaining :)

  3. Hui Wong says:

    This is awesome!!! So hilarious and it definitely got rid of all my worries about this whole thing…
    and just fyi, I was screaming like NK back when I didn’t know there are Taco bells in Seoul…

  4. Katie says:

    Hi im from Korea and i want a question Q: Can you teach people on the LANGUAGE Korean. I was born in Korea but then i moved to United States. And i want to learn Korean i know some like Hi goodbye I am a student and I love you and i want to learn the full language!!! Thank you for reading my whole message!!! And ps i LOVE your videos!!!!

  5. rachel says:

    funny video by the way you look handsome 😉 i like your videos

  6. Dana says:

    Katie — Check out It’s a very helpful and fun Korean language learning website, and I would recommend it a lot!

  7. En says:

    But North Korea has new Leader now. Young and ambitious. Never know what he might be up to.

  8. Bon says:

    Ah, if only my in-laws would pay attention to this. They’re working on convincing my Korean husband not to ever go back to Korea. I tried to tell them essentially what was said here, but I’m just the silly daughter-in-law. (T^T)

  9. sahar says:

    I have a teacher like u : very energetic but u are better than she

  10. Justi' says:

    UPDATE? What does South Korea seem to think about the escalating tensions these days? It seems to be intensifying and it almost feels like a war’s about to start. But maybe I read too many news articles.

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