How Cold Does Korea Get? (COLDEST DAY EVAR)

Depending on where you’re living, your definition of cold can be a different. But if you’re planning on coming to Korea, you might want to know how cold it actually gets. Watch this video to see how much you should layer up!

The winter winds come for Siberia (true!), so Korea can get pretty cold. Here’s a video with your homie Keith showing how much he has to layer up on the coldest day of the Korean winter!

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Think that’s cold? Or is Keith just being a wuss?

About Keith

Keith Kim is a Korean-American living in Seoul, Korea. He likes espresso shots, photography art and he loves his Playstation 3. He started as a hobby site, and is now in the process of turning it into a full-time business. Wish him luck! Check out his blog for an uncensored view on entrepreneurship, dating and life in Korea.Personal Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @gyopokeith Youtube: "Gyopokeithe-mail me anytime at: gyopokeith [at]


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    I just wanted to say thank you and hope you will continue the work.

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  2. lowshak

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  4. lowshak the second

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  5. shaklow the second

    do you like chiken i know i hate it it eat more cowz. on me farm

  6. GNAtsk

    Nice Little striptease there Kieth 😀

  7. Shanda

    Good one, but I would prefer waching SongA Min showing what she´s got :))
    Anyway, -12 C is nothing. We had -25 C (-17 F) in Beijing during Christmas season

  8. Candysama

    Well, i’ll try Korean cold next winter then i’ll comment the video 😛

  9. Jake

    Finland greets you =)

  10. Ziza

    last year in Ukraine was -25~ -30
    this year winter is much much warmer)

  11. i think i will survive winter in Korea. im not a a person that easily gets cold.

  12. Masha

    in Ukraine -20C is normal winter day, when it is only -12C I just start thinking about wearing my winter clothes 😉

  13. tepeh

    In Finaland coldest maesured temperature is -51,5 celsius. But it’s not that cold usually.

    in -12 leather jacket and jeans are enough if you have good gloves and socks. Maybe long jhons too but it’s not necessary. : )

  14. tepeh

    In Finaland coldest measured temperature is -51,5 celsius. But it’s not that cold usually.

    in -12 leather jacket and jeans are enough if you have good gloves and socks. Maybe long jhons too but it’s not necessary. : )

  15. GIM

    I have to go with Kat Nelson. Keith is a little bit of a wuss. Fortunately, he is fun to listen to, and I enjoyed the video.

    I live in St. Petersburg, Russia, and have for the last 23 years. Average temp during the winter is -10 to -5 degrees Celsius. But a cold snap from 2 to 6 weeks and from -20 to -30 degrees C is not uncommon. Also, humidity plays a role. I had a friend who taught for a year in Novosibirsk who said that the average temperature during the winter was -35 to -40 degrees C, but that the humidity was so low, that people could dress quite lightly. St. Petersburg has fairly high humidity, and I don’t like it. Actually, it is a bit like Long Island, New York, where I lived for about four years.

    So, Korea seems to be all right. Certainly it isn’t worth eleven items of clothing. Unless, of course, you are a little bit of a wuss. Keith, are you from California originally?

  16. Olga

    I’m from Russia. We was -30~40
    You are lucky~ C:

  17. Khan

    I remember when I went to Seoul in December 2012, it was like -16°C at day and -30°C at night.. stupid gangnam taxi drivers, i will never forget them haha -_-

  18. alexander tyan

    I live in Siberia and in winter we have usual temperature about -40 degrees ))

  19. Cheryl

    It’s summer all year round here in Singapore, but I am
    Going to go there in late November by myself and I’m hoping I survive the Korean winter!

  20. MaKayla

    That thumbnail though….

  21. anna

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -12 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
    In Poland we had -39 degrees
    thats freezing

  22. Sabine

    Winter in Latvia get as cold as -30 celsius and in UK where I now live it rarely goes under -5 celsius

  23. Gabrielle

    Did i underestimate Korean weather? when i see Keith on the video, i think i do.

    My friend did remind me to dress up warmly cause it will be still winter this February, will depart next week to Seoul..yeay^^

    Feels so lazy to buy new winter clothes, i think i just wear winter clothes i had when i was in NY.

    If its not enough, will go some shopping then hehehe~~