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Hangang Summer Festival

Photo Credit: HKBS

7.21 – 8.20.2017

The Hangang Summer Festival is a multi-dimension, season-long festival that takes place in all the different regions of the Han River Park. The theme and the events change from year to year, but previous years saw extreme sports, camping, outdoor films, food festivals, marathons and other fun, quirky events to take place here. Many of the events take place in the Yeouido region, but there are plenty of other spots along the Han River for summer festivities.

At Yeouido, there’s a concerts at the Han River where you can lie down on soft cushions (July 21st – August 19th every Friday & Saturday 7PM-10PM), bike races (August 15th, 7AM-1PM), water gun fights (July 29th, 30th 10AM-6PM), and canoeing (10AM – 3:30PM).

At other locations along the Han River, there are swimming pools (Ttukseom, Nanji, Mangwon, Jamwon, Jamsil, Gwangnaru), night water light shows (Banpo), and rock climbing (Gangseo).

Come out of your cave and enjoy the fresh air with some fun activities near the Han River!

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