Yellow River Beach Festival – Seoulistic

Yellow River Beach Festival

7.14 – 8.20.2017

This summer beach festival in Korea is GoPro’s marketing dream. Here you’ll have the time of your lives doing flips off of huge air blobs and wake boarding waves. You’ll race friends in canoes and kayaks, slide down huge water slides in tubes as well as surf down on mats, and enjoy concerts and DJs while in a huge water fight. There’s an ice pub to kick back a few as well as camping grounds and bbq pits with food. It’s also not ultra crowded like some of the other summer festivals in Korea as it’s located at the little known Korean country town of Hapcheon.

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30,000 won (Adults)
25,000 won (elementary to high school students)
15,000 won (children 7 years and younger)
10,000 won (seniors, disabled)
Phone Number:
39-13, Daeyang-myeon, Dongbu-ro, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

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