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Chilgapsan Mountain Ice Fountain Festival

Photo Credit: moondoohwan

(칠갑산얼음분수축제 2018)
December 12 to February 18th

Just a short ride away from Daejeon and Sejong City, the Chilgapsan Mountain Ice Fountain Festival is a popular winter festival in Korea that’s great to visit if you’re coming with children. It boasts large snow and ice sculptures with well-known  cartoon characters such as Ppororo, and at night the sculptures are lit up with night lights making for winter wonderland lighting. There’s plenty of experiences for the children to have fun, such as sledding, bob sledding, horseback riding, zip lining, and ice fishing. If you want a weekend getaway in the snow with the kids, this is a great place to visit in Korea for the winter.


Go to Gangnam Express Bus Terminal and take a bus (first bus 9:30 – last bus 18:30) to Jeongsan Hapdong Station (정산합동정류소). From there transfer to the Jeongsan – Naecho local Bus (정산-내초) and get off of Cheonjangni (천장리).

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Operating Hours:
Morning 09:00-17:00 | Evening 18:00-22:00
Adult 5,000 won | Children 3,000 won
Phone Number:
174, Jeongsan-myeon, Cheonjang-ri, Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea

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