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The War Memorial of Korea

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Korea has constantly been at war throughout its 5,000 year history. Since its inception, there were warring tribes and during the Three Kingdoms Period, Baekje, Silla, Goguryo were constantly battling for supremacy. Even after Korea’s unification, Korea had to fight off Mongolian invaders and Japanese pirates. In modern times, Korea had to live under Japanese occupation, and a nasty civil war that crippled the country. Even now, Korea is still technically at war with North Korea.

The War Memorial of Korea documents and shows the complicated history of the Korean people. Here you’ll learn about the influential wars, the key figures, and the innovative weaponry that helped shape Korea as it is today. Some highlights of the museum include the turtle boat ships that were used to defeat Japanese invaders, complete with fire breathing dragon heads, and the 16th century hwacha, an ancient multiple-rocket launcher that could fire 200 arrows at once.

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9AM - 6PM (*No more entries after 5:30PM)
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