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Vivaldi Park (Ski World & Ocean World)

Located in Mount Palbongsan, Vivaldi Park is a year-round multi-purpose resort that can be visited in the summer or winter for both skiing and waterpark fun.

In the winter you can carve up the 6,700+ meters of the mountain. There are 13 different slopes in Ski World, where you can also take up a 8-seater express lift. Of course, there are rentals, and even lodges for you to stay and ski down the slops two days in a row. It’s one of the better equipped ski resorts in Korea that’s only about an hour  away from Seoul with free shuttle busses for foreigners.

In the summer, you can slide down huge water slides that look like they were dreamt up by an architect’s child. This mammoth waterpark in Korea has both outdoor slides and indoor experiences where you can hide out from the sun. Of course, like any good Korean water experience, you’ll also have access to a sauna. It’s a whole day of fun with friends and family. Ocean World also offers free transportation to and from Seoul for non-Koreans.

And if you’re not into skiing or don’t like getting wet, they also have a luge experience where you can zoom down the mountain to satisfy your need for speed. See this link for more.

For free shuttle bus, see this link here.

Ski World prices vary according to time and rentals. See official website for details.
Ocean World Admission Fee varies according to season. See official website for details.

Phone Number:
+82) 2 2222 7835
262, Seo-myeon, Hanchigol-gil, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

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