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5 Brewing Coffee

Champion-level Coffee

5 Brewing is run by a respected barista champion who specializes in making awesome espresso and brewed coffee. Of course, like any good barista would, they’ll roast their coffee beans in house. This is a cafe that stays true to the coffee tradition and doesn’t create sugary monstrosities for the uninitiated. If you’re a coffee snob, you’ll know why many coffee experts consider 5 Brewing Coffee one of the best cafes in Hongdae, and maybe even Seoul. If you’re a brewed coffee aficionado, go for in house brews for all the complex flavors that they bring out with their expertise.

Note: 5 Brewing Coffee has opened a sister cafe in Hannamdong, 5extracts.

Operating Hours:
11AM - 11:30PM
Drinks start 6,000
Phone Number:
405-10, Seogyo-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Sangsu Station (Line 6)