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The Ultimate Shopper’s Guide to Dongdaemun!

Shopping in Dongdaemun? Save TRIPLE the price of this ebook!

Dongdaemun (동대문) is definitely Korea’s version of shoppers’s heaven. But without an insider’s knowledge, there’s no way to know if you’re getting quoted special “tourist” prices. You might feel good about your haul and show all your Korean friends. But they’ll feel sorry for how badly you got ripped off. With Shopper’s Guide to Dongdaemun, you’ll find out how to bargain with Korean vendors, recognize when you’re being ripped off, and when to shop for the best times to save money.

More than just shopping!

We’ve included the most famous foods in Dongdaemun! The main Dongdaemun area is filled with tourist restaurants. Pick any, and you’ll soon find how uninspiring they are. For those looking for an exciting Dongdaemun food experience, we’ve got the best ones here! Warning, some of the foods require a sense of adventure to find ;). We also have things to do in Dongdaemun, including jjimjilbang (Korean dry saunas seen on Korean dramas), Kids Cafe (place for kids to have fun), Screen Golf (indoor game of 18 holes) and more!

Get more tips like this!

This 12-page printable e-book includes:

  • – Money saving tips: how to bargain, recognize if you’re being ripped off, best times for best deals.
  • – A custom map that highlights free wifi locations, famous restaurants and attractions in the area.
  • – Pictures of the actual stores and restaurants (so you can find them easily ;)).
  • – Activities for non-shopping boyfriends, family members and children (including locations and prices).

This ebook is designed to save you money. And we are so confident you will make that money back that we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee! Just email us and we’ll refund the money, no questions asked 🙂

Buy just one item in Dongdaemun, and you’ll save the price of this ebook. Buy two or more, and you’ll triple your savings! Guaranteed.

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