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Survival Korean

This essential phrase book to surviving in Korea was designed for both travelers and residents. We didn’t want to just list a number of phrases and be done. Instead, we focused on phrases for specific situations that travelers and residents find themselves in along with essential tips that address all your needs. We’ve included language and cultural tips for:

✔ Ordering in restaurants and cafes
✔ Traveling and exploring (Subway, Bus, Directions)
✔ Everyday shopping needs (Fashion, Supermarket)
✔ Emergencies (Hospital, Pharmacy)
And more!

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Our Best Recommendations for Seoul's #1 Tourist Spot!

Our Best Recommendations for Seoul’s #1 Tourist Spot!


In this ebook find:

– Seoul’s most famous restaurants
– Exact locations for free Wifi
– Double your haul with samples
– Best places to shop in Myeongdong
– Dog & Cat cafe recommendations

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Tips on bargaining and how to know if you're getting ripped off!

Tips on bargaining and how to know if you’re getting ripped off!



In this ebook find:

– Money saving shopping tips
– How to bargain the Korean way
– Signs your getting ripped off
– Activities for non-shoppers
– Delicious restaurants locals love

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