Frequently Asked Questions – Seoulistic


Got a question? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I get and my answers to them. Chances are there’s an answer to your question.

I’m planning my trip to Seoul. Where should I stay?
While I haven’t stayed at too many hotels here in Seoul (I live here!), I know all the areas quite well. So here’s some information on where to stay based on the areas of Seoul: Where to Stay in Seoul.

I’m in Seoul now / coming very soon, and I haven’t planned my trip. What should I do?
If you’re short on time and don’t have time to do the research, I have a bunch of last-minute recommendations here: Last Minute Planning for Korea.

I don’t speak Korean! Will people understand me?
In the bigger cities, generally yes. If you’re going to smaller towns or the country side, maybe not as much. But learning a few basic words will help tremendously, even for making good impressions. I wrote a comprehensive step-by-step language and culture guide. Check it out here: Survival Korean

I want to teach English in Korea. Where can I find the best jobs?
Great! I started out teaching English in Korea too. It’s a rewarding experience, and it lets you save up a lot of money too. Lucky for me I was able to find the highest paying jobs: Where to Find the Highest Paying Teaching Jobs in Korea.

I want to get a job in Korea but don’t speak Korean. What kind of jobs can I get?
It depends. Are you a professional? Do you have experience? Generally you can teach English if you’re a native English speaker. But there’s also a number of other opportunities. Here’s a general guide on the types of jobs available for those of your that don’t speak Korean: Teaching & Non-teaching Jobs in Korea.

When’s the best time to go to Korea? 
In terms of weather, spring and fall has the most comfortable weather (late April, early September). You should avoid the rainy season and the yellow dust season as well as big national Korean holidays. We made a video with more specific information on that here: When’s the Best Time to Come to Korea?

I’m from (country), and I want to date a Korean. Will they like me?
Sorry, but this question’s impossible to answer. Every person is different, each with their own preferences.

How can I meet Koreans while I’m in Korea?
Simple, be awesome 🙂 But sometimes that’s just not enough. Here’s a list of meetups for you to display your awesomeness and make some friends while you’re at it: How to Make Korean Friends in Korea.

I’m moving to Korea soon. What kind of things were shocking?
Even for myself, I was shocked by a few cultural things I never expected. Here’s a list of some of the biggest culture shocks most people experience when they visit Korea: Culture Shock in Korea: Why You Might Feel Uncomfortable in Korea.

Is Korea safe?
Sure is! There’s definitely crime here, but the majority of Korea is definitely safe. Here’s some more information on that: Is South Korea Safe?