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Kang Hee Gun aka Gary is the rapper for popular group LeeSsang along with Gil. Despite his friendly nature, make sure not to pick a fight with this guy as he has 10 years of boxing and an 8th degree black belt under his belt. Gary and Gil were part of the highly successful Kpop group Honey Family from back in the 90’s. He gained a lot of fame due to his likable character on Running Man, as well as having a pseudo romantic relationship with Song Ji Hyo.

Jeong Hyeong Don

One of the original Infinite Challenge members, Jeong Hyeong Don was donned with the rather bizarre nickname of Awkward Pig due to his rather introverted character. Also known for his ability to excel at everything outside of comedy, the former engineer broke out on the popular show Gag Concert. After receiving the member of the year award, he teamed up with Jeong Jun Ha to become the Fatty Brothers. Yea, if you hadn’t noticed yet Korean humor can be rather childish at times. Jeong sports some pretty questionable fashion and is part of a hip hop group with rapper Defconn. Check out one of their songs here, it’s actually pretty entertaining. Sorry, but there’s no English subtitles.

Jeong Jun Ha

Jeong is the easiest member of Infinite Challenge to spot due to his large frame and head which is affectionately referred to as the Helmet. He also leads the Fatty group with the rather unenviable nickname of Super Fatty, which is quite appropriate considering he is famous for his insane appetite. Jeong plays a completely tactless and rather brain dead character, which makes him a constant target of ridicule. Jeong had the last laugh when all the members took an IQ test and he placed 1st to the astonishment of the crew. It’s no coincidence that the God of eating runs a restaurant in Gangnam, so check it out for yourself and maybe you’ll spot his huge head around there.

Ppeurippeuri (쁘리쁘리)
Address: 강남구 청담동 95-5  (Gangnam-gu, Cheongdam-dong 95-5)
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Kim Jong Gook

The burly muscleman is plagued by a high pitched and rather whiny voice unbefitting of his physique, which has lead to the nickname of Mosquito. Kim was a former member of the extremely popular Kpop group Turbo that entertained hordes of Koreans during the 90’s. He is well known for his role in Running Man, where he is referred to as Sparta due to his imposing presence and high acumen. Kim was also a very popular regular on Xman due to his witty comments and constant love affairs with the guests, in particular Yoon Eun Hye which sparked a real life “scandal.” He even had a supposed scandal with one of Korea’s all time hottest woman in Lee Hyori. Man, this guy has it good.

Kim Jong Min

Much like the others on this list, Kim gained fame on Xman due to his extremely goofy attitude as well as being part of the Kim Jong Brothers with Kim Jong Gook. Jong Min was a former dancer for several top notch Korean music acts and eventually become the lead singer of the popular dance group Koyote. He has been on many shows, and is still part of 2 Days, 1 Night as of this writing. Kim was in a relationship with a popular celebrity named Hyun Young but the two broke up mainly due to his military service. Check out his “of course” clips from Xman, some of them are hilarious.

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  1. Lhex says:

    Seems like almost the whole of Infinity Challenge Crew’s up in this top 10 list! And they are definitely one of my favourite comedians. One of the series i’ll watch once my Korean language is good enough to watch programmes without subtitles~

  2. Aurora says:

    Yoo Jae Suk is my most favorite Korean MC of all time, that I would even consider him as my ideal type if he wasn’t TOO over infatuated with adult videos…haha… ;P Sometimes I think Hyeong Don is cute and funny, but most of the times, he is just plain obnoxious…Anyway, thanks for this piece of information. Now I know HaHa was born in Germany and Gary is good in boxing (big surprise for me). Oh! By the way, I love Korean variety shows! 🙂

  3. Melody says:

    That was a great article!! There is a lot to know^^ Thanks so much. Could you do also like a top ten actors or top ten tv shows?? ^^

  4. Peangelia Jones says:

    I have a MAD celebrity crush on a few of these guys. Yoo Jae Suk being my ideal type <3

  5. sahar says:

    I like Kang Ho Dong

  6. DavidXian says:

    Not to mention that Jeong Hyeongdon was Teayeon’s “husband” :p
    5/7 Infinite Challenge crews. Minus Leessang’s Gil and Shinhwa’s Jeonjin.
    4/7 Running Man crews. Minus Song Jihyo ♥, Ji Seokjin, and the Girrafe lol

  7. SKjoe says:

    missed kim gura kkk

  8. Mira says:

    Kim hee chul is definitely among the top too

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