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11 Awesome Korean Flashmobs to Watch!

Koreans really, really like flashmobs. It seems like you can see one every weekend in Seoul at any given moment. And that’s really awesome for us! Take a few minutes break from studying and have a blast by watching these super fun Korean flash mobs!

1.Mob takes over

Every see a flash mob where there’s more mob than spectators? This is like the unstoppable army of flashmobs. And also, any flashmob that does Grease gets automatic respect 😉

2.Opera Flashmob

You might think flashmobs are just a bunch of kids that want to have some fun with the latest billboard chart topper. But Korean flashmobs have some class. Get some culture in your life with this opera flashmob in Busan Station!

3.Arirang Orchestra in Insadong

Awesome aririang performance in the middle of Insadong. Found via @janna3000 on facebook. Thanks!

4.Brown Eyed Girls Leading the Way

Most flashmobs are normal people doing dances of their favorite artists. Here we got real Kpop stars leading the way!

5.Musical Flashmob Department Store Proposal

Super fun, romantic and great production! 🙂

6.Arirang Shuffle in front of Gwanghwamun

Traditional Korean song turned into a shuffle. And the royal palace is in the background? SOLD!

7.Hanbok Flashmob

Hanbok are so pretty. And they look even better when getting jiggy with some beats 🙂

8.Orchestra and Choir Flashmob

Full on orchestra with choir and even conductor. These guys came prepared!

9.Seriously Delirious Kids

Taken in the middle of winter, these kids flashmobbed out to a few summer songs in hopes of making them feel warmer. Hope it worked!

10.Movie Theater Musical

Love how you don’t know who’s joining next!

11.Girl’s Generation vs Super Junior

Battle of Kpop royalty in flashmob format.

Ok time to vote! Which one did  you like best? Leave a comment!

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  1. Patricia says:

    #5 was my favorite. It made me cry.

    I also like both of the orchestra flashmobs. I love classical music!

  2. Peggy says:

    When it started Sunny in the first one I started tearing
    While I loved them all, 1 was my favorite because of Sunny. Ever since I saw the movie 써니 I couldn’t have chosen differently
    Props to 7 for the pretty hanboks 🙂
    and 8, 아리랑… my all time favorite Korean song… possibly favorite song ever, because it’s so pretty
    I change my mind I don’t know my favorite anymore >_<

  3. 커ㅣ이티 says:

    안녕하새요. 난좋아! 하지만내가정말좋아하는한복디나했다!

  4. 커ㅣ이티 says:

    Your comment…

  5. 커ㅣ이티 says:

    I love Seoulistic.com

  6. Los Angeles says:

    Homeland Security here in the US would have tackled and arrested these kids if they tried this.

  7. Khoa says:

    3:48 mob takes over – Were you apart of that Keith? jks

  8. Maximilian Hohenzollern says:

    That’s actually cool! I can’t even imagine what kind of atmosphere is there, I’d love to join something like that. And also, I think the music there is actually good, sometimes I even look up the videos on Tubidy Mp3 and download the music from the videos there, it’s pretty convenient for me. And even if you decide to arrange some kind of flashmob yourself, this service can help you find all the necessary tracks.

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