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40 Cute Must Buy Things in Korea

21.) Korean Cakes – Work of Art – If you go into any bakery in Korea and ask for a cake, you are asking for art. They go the extra mile when making the recipe, they add a little bit of love.

22.) Cups – The design on most cups in Korea are usually cartoon characters or something related to absolutely nothing. That’s what makes them cute! 🙂

23.) Headphone Cord Winder – Every single time when you pull your headphones out your pocket, you get tangled headphones. Right? Are we correct? You know what I’m talking about! This is the solution. But in fashion!

24.) Stickers – Gazillion types of stickers out there. Do people still use stickers?!

25.) Fashion Masks – Being sick in Style.

24.) Mouse Pads – The solution to the cold blooded people.

25.) Capsule Letters (do not eat them!) – You open one of these capsules up, unroll the script, write the letter, put it back in the capsule and give it to your loved ones.


26.) Tissue Holder – Haha, too funny!

27.) High Heel Door Stopper – Shoes have been the best door stoppers since the beginning of time. Well, stop ruining your shoes and just buy this replica plastic model to help keep that door open.

28.) Hello Kitty Toaster – Can it get any cuter than this?

29.) Korean Bookmarks – Even bookmarks is a fashion statement in Korea!

30.) Cute Medicine Cases – These medicine capsule cases are intended to do what they do. Remind you! Cute!

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  1. Namarap says:

    Wow, jinjja kyeopta, Oppa…
    Thank you for posting it here..

  2. Derie says:

    Thxs so much! My aunt is coming to Malaysia ( she’s from Korea) and asked if I wanted anything, so I’m like hmmm….. And then KABLOOM!! Hit into a massive attack of cute stuff. I especially love the caramel erasers!

  3. Cindy says:


  4. One Korean says:

    In case of socks, It’s very low quality! Be careful.

  5. Mingyu says:

    Wooow!!! gamsa oppa!!! if your a boy of course…this was so cute! I loved it!

  6. Nadeem Anwar says:

    All the above Items I have seen are likely to buy from the Famous Korea. I love to buy all these Items for my children. They would love to see them.

    • Hasna says:

      Where’s Famous Korea located? I’m going to Korea in June and I’m looking for a place that sells cute stuffs like above

  7. khaira melea says:

    Can i know which website to get these cute stuffs such as the korean bookmarks and the usb drivers ? The online website that can ship worldwide.

  8. Lakmali says:

    Can I buy anything listed above at lote Mart ?

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