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40 Cute Must Buy Things in Korea

If you are stopping by the Republic of Cuteness (Korea), you better check out this list! Throw out your over-sized teddy bear out of the house because we got a list of unique, modern, and fashionable cute item to replace it! Pictures are worth a thousands words, so without further adieu!


1.) Korean socks – It’s like choosing candy at the candy store. Too many too choose from! 🙁 These socks are usually 500W to 1,000W in price. Great deal!

2.) Planner – Cuteness written all over.

3.) Pencil Case Pouch – Nyom nyom nyom. Eats your delicious pencils and pens 😀

4.) Dish sofa – If you live by yourself, just invest in a dish sofa. It’s super comfortable and saves a lot of space.

5.) Wallpaper Stickers – Must have if you ever want to decorate your place in Korea! They are easy to remove, too!


6.) Keyboard Stickers – You can make your ancient laptop look new.

7.) Bunny Smartphone Case – If you are visiting Korea, you will see almost every girl with a bunny smartphone case ;D

8.) Cute Pillows – Make a wish. Think of your favorite character cartoon character – most likely Korea will have a pillow with that character incorporated as the design.

9.) 3.5mm Earphone Jack – Bunny Ears (for decoration) – These little things have become a very big fashion trend these days in Korea (2012). These are for the more bold and *bling *bling fashion people out there who need to accessorize everything!

10.) Korean Earmuffs – Picture explains it all 🙂 C’mon, how is this not cute! 😀

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  1. Namarap says:

    Wow, jinjja kyeopta, Oppa…
    Thank you for posting it here..

  2. Derie says:

    Thxs so much! My aunt is coming to Malaysia ( she’s from Korea) and asked if I wanted anything, so I’m like hmmm….. And then KABLOOM!! Hit into a massive attack of cute stuff. I especially love the caramel erasers!

  3. Cindy says:


  4. One Korean says:

    In case of socks, It’s very low quality! Be careful.

  5. Mingyu says:

    Wooow!!! gamsa oppa!!! if your a boy of course…this was so cute! I loved it!

  6. Nadeem Anwar says:

    All the above Items I have seen are likely to buy from the Famous Korea. I love to buy all these Items for my children. They would love to see them.

    • Hasna says:

      Where’s Famous Korea located? I’m going to Korea in June and I’m looking for a place that sells cute stuffs like above

  7. khaira melea says:

    Can i know which website to get these cute stuffs such as the korean bookmarks and the usb drivers ? The online website that can ship worldwide.

  8. Lakmali says:

    Can I buy anything listed above at lote Mart ?

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