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Viewer Questions and Comments – Hooray!

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(Used with permission by Dustin Cole, a Seoul-based photographer)

Here we take a look at some of the top questions and interesting comments some of our readers pose for! Read up, and see if you can find out a thing or two more about Korea!


On’s post on How to Eat in a Korean Restaurant like a Local, Joel Seah asked:

…great post! Just curious, guys will address the waitress as 누나, not 언니 right?

Just in case you don’t know, 언니 (eonni) is a term girls use for addressing an older sister. And in the post we said people can use 언니 (eonni) as a more friendlier way to call over waitresses. The term for older sister for guys is 누나 (nuna), so saying 언니 (eonni) is a little bit strange, but some guys do say it (only for waitresses). But most times guys feel uncomfortable saying it and just say 저기요 (jeogiyo). Nice question!


Edwin also asked:

Just a quick question, some of my korean friends told me that Korean dont talk when they are dining.
They said it is impolite to do so, is that true?

Sitting and not talking was like 100 years ago dude. Of course there are some super traditional Korean families out there. But really. Who’s going to want to sit and not talk for a whole meal? Korean people aren’t that socially awkward! 😉

Did you see’s video on High Heels for Korean Men (lifts)? There, Ginny asked:

So would you say being tall in Korea is an ideal thing? Although this video is mainly aimed towards men, what if a girl was really tall like 5′ 9 or 5′ 10? thanks 

Nearly all Korean women wear heels. So that’s gotta say something about liking height (they aiin’t doing it cause it’s comfortable!). And this video was about short Korean guys trying to get a little bit taller. So yes! Height is definitely desirable! The specific height, though, is different for everyone, right? Some Koreans like short cute chicks, and some Koreans like tall sexy mamas. It just depends on the person. But just as a reference, wikipedia says the average height for South Koreans for men is 5’8 (174cm) and for women is 5’3 (161cm). Don’t forget to add a few inches for heels and 깔창 (kkalchang)!


And lastly, on’s Facebook Page (which you all have already liked, right? ;)), in regards to our post on Bars in Seoul to Get Free Alcohol Refills, Tay Soon Seng asked:

May I know if it’s part of Korean work culture that female employess have to get drunk everytime in a company dinner? … my friend always have to drink till drunk… the boss suggest dinner [with] soju , beer and… and says that its part of Korean work culture.

This all depends on the specific company. Really big Korean companies tend to be more traditional, and have really hardcore drinking cultures. Some people use to joke that the President of a company (사장님-sajangnim) should be able to drink the most, cause he’s always drinking with other people (ha!). Those companies, you can’t say no to bosses. The boss is the boss, and it’s scary when they’re in the partying mood.

But that’s more of the older culture. Koreas has brand new kind of companies with young & modern bosses! Some startup companies in Korea like to drink beer while working (i.e. ;)), and some companies don’t even drink at all! It all depends on the kind of company you join 🙂

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Thanks! 😀

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