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6. Mulhui

Mulhui is a spicy chilled sashimi soup.  Are you a fan of sashimi and naengmyun?  Well Mulhui will be perfect for you!  Mulhui can have different variations of seafood depending on your preference such as squid, octopus, raw fish etc.

2677476928 4d487f02b1 MulHwe – Chilled Sashimi Soup

Source: Zenkimchi.com

7. NaengKongGuksu

Naengkongguksu are noodles served with chilled soy bean broth.  The soy bean broth is very thick, creamy, and milky in consistency and the dish is usually served with sliced cucumbers, peanuts, and ice cubes!  Some people like to add a tablespoon of sugar just before eating and it is a great vegetarian option…oh, and yes we do eat the ice cubes 😀

Source: Flickr

8. KimchiMariGuksu

Kimchimariguksu are rice noodles served with kimchi slices, a boiled egg, cucumbers, and chilled kimchi broth!  This dish is  compliments well after a meal of samgyupsal or other Korean BBQ meals as a savoury dessert.

Source: heartmindandseoul.com


9. Dotorimuk

A.K.A Acorn jelly salad! Dotorimuk is made from acorn starch.  It is a popular side dish in Korea and it’s usually dressed in a delicious spicy sauce made from soy sauce, sesame oil, chilli powder, garlic, and sesame seeds.  YUMMY!

Source: Wikimedia

 10. DalkKalguksu

Dalkkalguksu is a hot broth of chicken and noodles!  Just like Samgyetang this hot dish is considered a summer food as it acts as replenishment for lost internal heat in the summer.  ‘Kalguksu’ literally ‘knife noodles’ which refers to noodles being cut by a knife rather than spun. Dalkkalguksu is usually served with zuccinis and a bowl of green onions drenched in a special vinegar sauce.  It may not look like it but eating the chicken sandwiched between vinegar dipped green onions make you cool down a lot after from the heat.  Give it a try! 😉

Source: paperblog.com

11. Jangeo gui

This is grilled eel!  Don’t let the snakey shaped fish put you off as the eel is rich in Vitamins A and E.  These vitamins are essential for blood circulation and it helps restore your lost appetite in the summer.

Source: ifood.tv

12. Korean Ice cream!

Korea has some really quirky and unique ice creams.  They are available in all convenience stores and supermarkets and they’re very very very cheap!  The ice cream varies in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.  If you are too spoilt for choice, definitely try out the Korean classic, Melona bar!

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Do you have any unique dishes especially to fight the heat in your country? Let us know in the comments section below!


Words by Ken Lee (Blogger and Korean Lifestyle blogger for Seoul State of Mind).

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Ken Lee
Ken Lee
Born and raised in London UK, and currently residing in Korea, Ken Lum Lee is currently an English Teacher at a middle school in Gwangju and the blogger and photographer behind the Korean lifestyle blog Seoul State of Mind. Ken enjoys travelling around Korea, aiming to capture the unique beauties, discover stories and secret hideouts of Korea. Ken can usually be seen with his camera, which is currently the love of his life, and pigging out in Korean BBQ restaurants. Check out his awesome blog: www.seoulstateofmind.com For regular updates, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


  1. Katherine Okorie says:

    One of my Korean summer favorites is Oi Naengguk!

  2. Eddie says:

    No 보신탕? Heh… I guess you probably can’t get it in Seoul anyway.

  3. sahar says:

    thank u

  4. Patbingsu is just like Halohalo in the Philippines

  5. henny says:

    how about mitsugaru?when i was watching korean variety show (dad where are you going) Jun’s Appa tell the kids that usually old korean people ate mitsugaru when theres no money back then. i want to know more about mitsugaru =]

  6. Jr Marx says:

    Could you write the food names in korean?? I´m trying to learn korean language by myself.

  7. area52 says:

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