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Café Coin

A must-see for fans of the drama “Reply 1994,” Café Coin is definitely a veteran …

Gangnam Myeonok

This is a popular chain galbijjim restaurant in seoul with locations all over the city. …

Samsung D’light

(삼성전자 홍보관 – 딜라이트)

If you want to see the cutting edge of technology, Samsung …

National Museum of Korea


The National Museum of Korea is the most comprehensive history and culture museum …

The War Memorial of Korea


Korea has constantly been at war throughout its 5,000 year history. Since …

National Gukak Center


The National Gukak Center is the official home-base for Korea’s traditional musical arts (…

Jingwansa Temple


During the Goryeo Dynasty, King Hyeon-jong was kicked out of the palace during a …

Bongeunsa Temple


Bongeunsa Temple is a major buddhist temple in Gangnam that perfectly represents the current

Jogyesa Temple


Founded in 1395, Jogyesa Temple is now the chief temple of the Jogye Order …

Cheong Wa Dae (The Blue House)


Cheong Wa Dae is the executive office and official residence of the president of …

Jongmyo Shrine


Jongmyo Shrine is the oldest and most authentic of the Confucian Royal Shrines. These …

Lotte Department Food Court

If you’re wondering what to eat in Myeongdong and need to see the food before

Euljiro Sea Snail (Golbaengi) Street

Right out of Euljiro 3-ga Station (Exit 12), the Euljiro Sea Snail (Golbaengi) Street isn’t

Gyeonghuigung Palace


Located right beside the Seoul Museum of History, Gyeonghuigung Palace is quite likely …

YG Republique

A multi-section establishment, YG Republique was made for K-pop lovers, but that’s not a knock

Jogabi Seafood Bar & Restaurant


Traveling with a pescatarian or just looking to try something different? The Jogabi Seafood