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2017 Cherry Blossom Festivals in Seoul & Outside of Seoul

The cherry blossom season is upon us, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Of …


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Unlimited Data Sim Cards in Korea

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Things to Do in Seoul and Korea for March 2017

Events, Shows and Things to do in Seoul

Musical Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, World Tour

Nabi Hostel

Nabi Hostel is one of the newest hotels in Hongdae, newly built in 2016, so …

Hostel The Style

For budget travelers that want to save but still have a private room and bathroom, …


Seoul Travel Guide

K-Star Road Guesthouse

Located right on the Han River, K-Star Road Guesthouse has great access to the Han …

Cheongdam Ladies Guesthouse

Offering both dormitory type and private rooms, the Cheongdam Ladies Guesthouse is a great option …

Prima Hotel

Prima Hotel is another landmark hotel in Seoul. It’s most well known for its spa, …

Riviera Hotel

Riviera Hotel is a landmark in Seoul. It’s right across the Han River, so there …

Hotel Foreheal

Hotel Foreheal is a new hotel built in 2015 with clean rooms and a central …