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[Quick Tip] For Free Wifi at Cafes, Check Receipts

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If you’re looking for free wifi in Korea, cafes are great places to get connected. But if you’re walking past each cafe while looking at your iPhone to see if you can connect, you might get that all too unwelcoming lock symbol that no wifi-seeker ever wants to see. Don’t move just yet! You might still be able to connect, and here’s why!

This is a quick tip that most people living in Korea will know but may be useful for travelers to Korea or for those new to Korea.

Although the majority of cafes in Korea offer free wifi, many still put passwords on it, maybe discouraging those wanting to take a quick browse on Facebook with their lattes. But don’t be discouraged… It’s just the way free wifi at cafes in Korea work. To see if you have free wifi, just check your receipt! Many cafes in Korea readily offer their passwords to customers on receipts to ensure that their free wifi is utilized by paying customers. So if you’re outside looking to see if a cafe has wifi before you go in, don’t let that lock symbol turn you away. Just ask before you make a purchase 🙂

Click here if you’re looking to leech off some free wifi in Korea via default passwords!

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