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Quick Tip: Taxi Fares Go Up After Midnight in Seoul

20131112-100938.jpgIf you’re in Seoul, you’ll find plenty of reasons to be out and about in Seoul. Night is when Seoul really comes to life, and the plethora of late night venues are perfect for getting lost in the night. But if you’re looking to save every nickel and dime, you won’t be so happy.

Base fare for taxis in Seoul start at 3,000 won. But if you’re going back home after a night out, taxis are close to your only choice. And that means, you’ll most likely be paying 20% more. Taxis in Seoul (and Busan) get a 20% bump from midnight to 4AM.

So in practical terms, that means a taxi ride to your apartment in Hongdae that usually costs 15,000 won will cost 18,000 won. And a 10,000 won taxi ride to your favorite pojangmacha tent will cost 12,000 won.

A trip across the city will typically be less than 30,000 won, so it’s not a lot of money. But it’s something every taxi rider in Seoul should know.

And because we like you, here’s some more useful information:

– Base fare usually starts at 3,000 won, but with the 20% increase, starts at 3600 won.
– Trains in Seoul are generally closed from 12AM to 5AM (differs for each line).
– Korean taxis sometimes don’t take customers late at night. Here’s why.

Just another quick tip from your Seoul insiders!

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


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    Are there other options


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