Mudeungsan – Seoulistic



Named after a mountain near Gwangju city, Mudeungsan is a Korean barbecue restaurant that isn’t your average Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul. Where many restaurants stick to a simple, and humble interior design with simple and humble meats, Mudeungsan is more for premium beef cuts in a classy venue. They even have an onsite butcher to guarantee the quality of their meats. They’re loved for their kkotdeungsim (premium sirloin), and they also have other harder to find meats such as outside skirt steak (ancheongsal) and hanger steak (tosisal). All orders are from the Korean version of wagyu beef, called Hanu (한우), which tend to have amazing marbling and great flavor. With every order, they serve a hearty soup of seonjihaejangguk, a hearty soup made of ox blood and beansprouts. Many diners here also pair their food with wine for a classy night out.

But even if you’re not here for premium beef cuts, they’re also known for their lunch time meals. They also serve several variations of bibimbap as well as a delicious beef soy-bean paste stew (doenjjang-jiggae). The venue is also three-stories tall–making it less smoky and easy to navigate than other Korean barbecue restaurants.

Note: Right next door is Hyeondae Jeongyuk Sikdang, one of the more popular samgyeopsal (pork belly) restaurants in Seoul, who are also know to have a very famous kimchi jjigae stew.

Operating Hours:
Open 24 hours / 7 days a week
23,000 ~ 62,000won
Phone Number:
Seoul Seolleung-ro 146-gil Gangnam-gu 3
Subway Station:
Apgujeong Rodeo (Bundang Line)
Type of food:
Korean BBQ
What to order:

Sirloin Beef, Raw Beef, Beef Tartar