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Hanam Dwejijip (Nonhyeon)


Hanamdwejijip has become one of the best samgyeopsal restaurants not just in Seoul but in all of Korea. Starting out in one of Korea’s best cities for foodies, Hanam City (east of Seoul), Hanam Pork House (Hanam Dwejijip) has exploded in popularity, and is now probably considered the first choice when visitors ask their local friends where the best place to eat samgyeopsal (pork belly) in Seoul is. The reason is they flame broil their pork before they serve it, so it has a similar flavor that an outdoor BBQ grill would infuse. Then they bring it out to your table to finish it off in front of you so it’s piping hot with each bite. The samgyeopsal (pork belly) retains the charcoal flavor, yet is still chewy and juicy once you bite into it. Maybe one of the best pairings for samgyeopsal is the alpine leek leaves that are pickled with a vinegar-base to provide an ultra refreshing contrast to the hearty pork slices. One of the best things about this famous samgyeopsal restaurant in Seoul is that they grill the meat for you, unlike other restaurants where you’re expected to grill it yourself.

Like any respectable samgyeopsal restaurant in Seoul, they serve other cuts of pork, lettuce wraps, kimchi and garlic slices (which they grill for you).

Note: This samgyeopsal restaurant is a chain restaurant, with several locations throughout Seoul and Korea.

Operating Hours:
4PM - 6AM
14,000 won per serving
40,000 won to 54,000 won for set menus
Phone Number:
17, Gangnam-daero 118-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Sinnonhyeon Station (Line 9)
Type of food:
Korean BBQ - Pork
What to order:

saengsamgyeopsal (pork belly), saenggalbi (pork ribs), modeumhanpan (모듬한판) - combination platter, Teokbyeolhanpan (특별한판) - specialty platter