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Shakeshack Gangnam

Not from the States and curious to know what all the rage is about? The famous burger chain from the U.S made headlines when its first location opened here in Gangnam–bringing with it all the popular patties, the soft buns and of course, the milkshakes. The Shroom Burger from the original U.S menu is likely one of the few meatless burgers that exist in Seoul. From the lips of many of a burger snob, the taste is rumored to be exactly the same so if you’re craving a good fast food burger–Shakeshack might just be your answer. (Also, their delivery service is great so if you’re in Gangnam and just want a burger sent to your room, you know who to call.)

Operating Hours:
Daily 11am-11pm
Phone Number:
Seoul Gangnam-daero Gangnam-gu 452
Subway Station:
Sinnonhyeon(Line 9)