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T-money is an all-around transportation card used for public buses, subways, taxis, and convenience stores that accept T-money as a form of transaction (most do). The function of a T-money card is like a debit card, where money is deposited into the card and used to get around the city of Seoul and the Gyeonggi-do district (also other cities that accept T-money cards). The above picture shows one type of T-money card (many types of T-money).


T-money Transfer System

Anyone who uses a T-money card receives a discount of 100W on public buses and subways, allowing the user to transfer from one bus line to another, or from a subway to a bus (or vice verse) at no extra costs – as long as you transfer within a 30 minute time span of the time you got off the subway or bus. In order for the transfer system to work properly, the user must tap their T-money card every time they get on and off the subway or public bus. The transfer system acts as if the T-money user was on one long subway or bus ride; therefore, this convenient system was built so that the user will be able to transfer from one bus to another without having to pay the full fee for the ride each time. The total fare will be calculated accordingly every time you tap into and out of the system.


Where To Purchase or “Recharge” Your T-money Card

Price: 2,500W for single transit card.

Where to purchase: Most convenient stores and subway stations.

The T-money card is prepaid transit card (like a debit/check card), meaning the user has to “recharge” the card via automatic subway recharging machines (English instructions available) or via most convenient stores. The T-money card can be charged anywhere from 1,000W to 90,000W.

Note: Only cash is used to recharge T-money cards.


Refunds for T-money Cards

T-money users that have a balance of 20,000W or less can get a refund for the remaining amount from any of the available T-money card vendors or automatic T-money refund vendors. If the balance on the card is over the 20,000W mark, you must go to a T-money customer card service center located in almost all subway stations – refunds will be given there. If you have a defect or damaged card, or a card that cannot be read through the T-money system, the refund process should take approximately 7-10 business for your money to be remitted.


Types of T-money Cards

– Original T-money Card

– Credit/Debit Cards

– Key chains / Cell Phone Charms

– SK Telecom, LG, and KTF cellphone subscribers – Embedded into cell phones.

Just look for the T-money logo on each card or key chains that are available.