admiral yi sunshin

July 22, 2014

Get to Know The Faces You’ll See Everyday in Korea – Who’s on South Korean Money

If you're in Korea, of course you'll have to deal with South Korean won. You'll use money pretty much every day you're in Korea, and that means you'll be seeing these faces everyday too. If you're going to see someone everyday, you should at least get to know their names! Find out why these people are some of the most awesome people in Korean history!
March 19, 2014

80 Amazing Pictures of Korea By Photographers

Korea is a beautiful place. And there's no way better to see Korea than through the eyes of photographers. See this post for 80 amazing pictures of Korea by some really talented photographers. After you see all the pictures, let us know which photographer you liked the most!
December 6, 2012

Korea’s Most Legendary Badass Heroes

Back in the day there were a lot of wars in Korea. And with wars come legends and heroes, many of whom just happen to be pretty badass! They beat up a lot of people and would've seriously kicked your butt, too! Find out to see how bad ;)