October 22, 2013

Must Have Smartphone Apps for Living in Korea

If you live in Korea or are visiting Korea and you’re lucky enough to have a Smartphone with you, there are several apps that you make your life so much easier. Here are some must have apps that will improve your stay in Korea.
December 12, 2012

How to Make Free Phone Calls in Korea

Traveling in Korea and thinking about renting a cellphone? Maybe you live in Korea and you lost your cellphone. Whatever the situation may be, you might find yourself needing to make a call but without a phone in Korea. If you think you're stranded in Seoul, you're not! Read on to see how you can make free phone calls in Korea!
May 7, 2012

Never Have a Dead Cell Phone in Korea

Imagine this: you travel to Korea, rent a cell phone at Incheon airport, and meet a few local Korean friends. You're going out to meet them the next day, but your cell phone is dead! Don't let your visit to Korea be ruined. Read this Korea travel tip to find out where to charge your cell phone and/or smart phone in Korea! (Of course, useful for those living in Korea too ;))