March 20, 2013

Why You Might Look Really Cheap in Korea

We went over the really Korean way of paying for stuff (taking turns). But you can't be doing that for parties of 10 every time. That's crazy. Instead just pay for what you eat! But if you're going to do that, here's a tip: don't be so exact!
March 13, 2013

When and Why You Should Buy Your Korean Friend a Meal

Korea's changing rapidly, and many of the more "modern" Koreans tend to pay for meals individually ("dutch pay" in Korean). But some of the more traditional Koreans have a certain way of paying when hanging out. And that means you should know when it's your turn to pay! Read on to make sure you're not a freeloader :)
March 11, 2013

A Special Kind of Korean Love – Jeong (정)

In Korea, there is a special type of love that really explains a lot about Korea. It is called jeong (정). It's a really difficult subject to tackle, so Keith invited Hyojin from to help explain!