korean alcohol

August 14, 2013

Drinking Culture in South Korea and Why it’s Important

Drinking is a big part of Korean culture, and it seems like everyone in Korea drinks. It's so omnipresent, that sometimes it can feel more like it's part of your job! Why exactly is this? Well, let’s find out! (Plus tips on how to refuse.)
July 8, 2013

Guide to the Most Popular Korean Alcohol

Korean alcohol is truly a beast unto itself. Because Korea is such an isolated country, the populace came up with some very creative ways to get their drink on. It can be a little intimidating see all of these intensely foreign liquors when approaching the fridge of your local convenience store, so here’s a guide to the liquors you’re most likely to encounter!
June 18, 2013

What to Eat in Seoul on a Rainy Day [Korean Culture]

Spring in Korea has spring showers. One day the weather in Seoul may be beautiful, but the next you might find yourself stuck in your hotel room with some nasty weather. If you're traveling to Korea and wondering what to do in Seoul on a rainy day, pick up your umbrella and head out to a few restaurants, just like Koreans do!
February 25, 2012

Korean Hangover Cures (Food)

If you’re in Korea for an extended period of time, you will undoubtedly end up drinking some of these Korean alcohols. These Korean drinks can get […]