korean girls

November 25, 2013

Korea Q&A: Attracting Korean Girl Trainee Life

Questions include: “How do I attract Korean girls?” “What’s it like to be a kpop trainee?” “What’s it like being a blonde Korean in Korea?” “Why police […]
February 18, 2013

How Korean Girls Like to Be Pretty (Korean Beauty Standards)

Every culture has a different definition of beauty. And Korea has it's own ways of trying to look pretty. So pretty Korean girls will pay attention to somethings that you might not even care about. See what kinds of Korean beauty there are!
June 18, 2012

How Cute Korean Girls Get What They Want – 애교 (egyo)

One of the most powerful weapons Korean girls have at their disposal is their cuteness. If you ever meet a Korean girl, you might find them acting extra cute to get what they want. Find out more about this unique Korean characteristic of Korean girls.