April 9, 2014

Korea Q&A: How Westernized is Korea?

We got a pretty interesting question about how westernized Korea is. Korea’s on the other side of world from Western nations, but just like most places […]
January 7, 2014

How to Get Free Wifi Anywhere in Korea

You’re traveling to Korea and looking for some free wifi hotspots you can leech off of. Starbucks, McDonalds, and even taxis offer free wifi, but for some reason, the passwords aren't made so clear. Read on to see how you can unlock free wifi anywhere you go in Korea!
February 5, 2013

Run out of Cash? Pay with Transportation Cards!

If you're traveling around Seoul and don't have enough Korean won, you can still make purchases and payments with your transportation cards. Find out how this essential tip can save you from calling your mommy to send you more cash!
June 5, 2012

McDonalds Korea – 5 Quick Tips about Fast Food in Korea

McDonalds is a global fast food chain that is unavoidable in nearly every corner of the world. But no matter if you love or hate fast food, read up on these tips to see what you can expect from Mcdonalds Korea!