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June 4, 2013

Best (Oldest & Famous) Naengmyeon Restaurants in Seoul!

Summertime in Korea has both the high-hanging sun and muggy air that make your armpits sweat just a little bit extra. But if you're visiting Seoul, you can always eat Korea's most popular way to combat the heat: icy cold naengmyeon noodles! Lucky for you, the most famous naengmyeon restaurants in Seoul are all found in one area. Read this to be cool ;)
December 11, 2012

Seoul’s Oldest (and Best!) Restaurants [Starting from 1902]

If you've ever lived in Korea, you know how often the look of a street changes. Businesses open and close shop faster than an ajooma rushing for a seat on a crowded subway. That's why if a restaurant in Korea has stood the test of time, the food there is bound to be exceptional. Here is a list of some of the oldest and best restaurants in Seoul, Korea!