March 6, 2013

Seoul Shopping: 11 Best Places to Go Shop for Korean Fashion!

Seoul has tons of great shopping, but where to start? Read this guide to know where you should go and why!
December 17, 2012

What to Buy in Korea: 20 Awesome Gifts!

If you're returning home from Korea, you will want to bring some cool Korean things. And you don't want to wonder on your last day what gift to buy in Korea. Don't wonder what to buy and just read this post! We have 20 awesome awesome gifts to buy in Korea!
September 4, 2012

Know Korean Sizes So You Don’t Look Like This!

Lucky you! You found that awesome Girl's Generation t-shirt that you've been wanting for so long and buy it instantly! But when you get home and finally try it on, you look like this! Make sure this doesn't happen when you shop in Korea. Be sure to know Korean sizes!
June 1, 2012

How Many Visitors Miss Out on Saving Money while Shopping in Korea

Shopping in Korea is a favorite activity for anyone traveling to Korea. What many people don't know when they visit Korea is that they're paying more than they actually have to! Find out how you can shop in Korea and save your hard earned money!
March 6, 2012

4 Quality Things to Get on the Cheap in Korea

Shopping in Korea isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but there are still some very cheap things to buy in Korea. Whether you're living in Korea or visiting Korea, you'll find these buys a steal!