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Han River (Hangang)

The Han River (Hangang) is a huge river that runs down the middle of Seoul. Back in the 60’s it used to be a playground for 3rd world Korean kids. But now it’s been developed to be one of the coolest and nicest spots in Seoul. There’s Hangang Park near Yeouido Station, Line 5 & 9, which is great for picnics, bike riding, inline skating and frisbee. The Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain is a popular place for romantic things like proposals and Jason Mraz songs. And the bike path along the entirety of the river is great for anyone looking for a fresh breeze on a cool summer night :).

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Seoul Olympic Park

The first big international sporting event, the 88 Summer Olympics in Seoul, was the first event that spotlighted Seoul on the international stage. And one of the presents to the city of Seoul was the beautiful Olympic Park near Mongchontoseong Station (몽촌토성) – Line 8, Exit 1. It’s cool because there’s skaters and bikers that gather, old Korean men and women having picnics and families with strollers. If you’re a film student looking for an awesome backdrop for your film without too many people messing up your shot, this place is perfect!


Seoul Botanical Garden

Located between two of Seoul’s mountains is the super awesome smelling Seoul Botanical Garden. There’s the “Medicinal Plant Garden” for all your Korean medicinal needs, the “Iris Garden” for 130 different species of Irises and the “Wetland Park” for even aquatic plants. Head over to Dobongsan Station – Exit 2, Line 1 & 7 if you want a free outdoor activity in Seoul that’ll have you reconnecting with nature in the middle of the busy Seoul metropolis.


Seoul Grand Park

(Zoo, Botanical, Amusement Park)

If you want an awesome outdoor place that’ll let your kids (or the kid in you!) have a great time, head over to Seoul Grand Park Station – Exit 2, Subway Line 4! There’s a zoo open 9AM to 7PM in the summers (9AM to 6PM in the winter), and it only costs 3,000 won for adults. Enjoy cherry blossoms (if you’re there for the season) with gorillas, giraffes and other animals that have no business being on this peninsula. There’s a fun little kiddy train, a cable car, a botanical and the Seoul Land Amusement Park, too! It’s a fun day with kids, lovers or just people needing a much needed break from their Starcraft addiction!

See the Seoul Zoo official website here!


Amusement Parks in (or near) Seoul

(Everland, Ocean World, Vivaldi Park, Lotte World)

Although Seoul Land might do the trick for those looking for quick, fun thrills, if you’re looking for a dedicated amusement park in Seoul, head over to Lotte World (Jamsil Station, Line 2 & 8), a Korea amusement park full of cuteness overload. Don’t forget the newcomer to town, Ocean World (access information here), a close-to-Seoul waterpark with huge and long water slides (it also doubles as Vivaldi Park, a ski resort in the winter!). And of course the most complete amusement park of them all, Everland (access information here), which has a Disney-style magical feel, along with the fun water park, Caribbean Bay. If you’re looking for a day out in the sun, check out these amusement parks in Korea! Don’t forget your sunscreen! :D.

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    has anyone ever taken a look at all the new stream parks in Seoul/Kyeongi/ they are everywhere and wonderful but there is not much information out there on them. Wish there were.

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