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15 Exciting Activities in Seoul Along the Han River

11) Camping

Anytime there’s a nearby river, the opportunity for camping should naturally come up as well. The Nanji Camping Site (Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station, exit 1 – 20 minute walk) along the river serves as the ideal location for your desire for some outdoor bonding time with nature and a grill with your favorite meat. Featuring a host of exercise and sports options nearby as well as a view of the river along with several landmarks in the horizon, camping is always a good option to get away from ordinary. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with those pesky check out times at hotels and pensions so cheers to a good night with good company.

12) Fishing

There are quite a few fishing locations scattered around Han River Parks that are inhabited by a variety of fishes including catfish and carp. Typically, there will be fishers at the popular spots and the locations tend to be surrounded by reeds so simply head down to the river area and become one with the water. Keep in mind there are some restrictions regarding bait so make sure to look up the recent regulations regarding fishing before you go and start fishing with a Kit Kat as bait.

13) Archery

Chances are most of you probably won’t have any experience in this particular sport. As one of Korea’s main fortes in the Olympics where they regularly pick up gold, try it out for yourself at the Nanji Archery Field (Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station, exit 1 – 20 minute walk). Operated by the Korea National Bow Culture Globalization Association (geez, they need to cut down that name), the field houses 10 different targets at a distance of 150m. The entrance fee is 300,000 won and registration provides training and free tuition as well as equipment rental. Whatever you do, please don’t try to do your William Tell impersonation and shoot an apple off your buddy’s head. Make sure to get in ample practice before trying anything that ridiculous and tempting.

14) Cascade

As the name suggests, Cascade is an area in the Yeouido Hangang Park that slopes downward like a waterfall and could be a fun area for free runners. The very shallow water makes it a prime spot for children as well as adults who still refuse to grow up. Check out the Piano Water that slithers down in the middle of Yeouinaru and the cascade, as it was cleverly designed as a mini version of the Hangang.

15) Cafés (Café Aritaum)

Hop on line 2 and get off Dangsan Station exit 4 and take a walk to check out these two uniquely designed cafés perched on opposite ends of the Yanghwa Bridge. Café Aritaum Seonyu and Café Aritaum Yanghwa both provide different but equally spectacular views. Seonyu incorporates a Western interior while Yanghwa adopts more of a traditional eastern approach. Although both provide different views and environments, you really can’t go wrong with either option to enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

If this one’s too far, check out the other 8 Han River Cafes for Spectacular Views!

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