When & Where to See the 2015 Cherry Blossoms in Seoul

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The cherry blossom season is upon us, and the flowers have already started to bloom in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Quickly spreading north, the cherry blossom bloom in Korea will soon reach the rest of the country. If you’re thinking of seeing the flowers, be quick; they’re only going to last about a week!

Here are the estimated dates for cherry blossoms in Seoul as well other major areas.

  • Jeju Island: March 24th
  • Busan: March 28th
  • Gwangju: April 1st
  • Daegu: March 31st
  • Yeosu: April 2nd
  • Daejeon: April 5th
  • Seoul: April 9th
  • Incheon: April 12th
  • Chuncheon: April 12th

The following are a few well known places in Seoul for cherry blossoms, including festivals. Grab your camera, picnic bag and sneakers and head to these places for the best cherry blossoms in Seoul:

1. Cherry Blossoms at Seokchon Lake (Jamsil)

via naver blog (doongma01)

via naver blog (doongma01)

Seokchon Lake at Jamsil Station has one of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Seoul. The lake itself is definitely beautiful on its own, but with the white cherry blossoms as an added backdrop, it adds to the leisurely romance. Lotte World is right there, so it’s also great for kids and dates.

How to get there: Jamsil Station (Line 2, 8), Exit 2 or 3

2. Cherry Blossom Festival at Yeouido, Seoul

via naver blog (mydream_air)

via naver blog (mydream_air)

The most popular cherry blossom festival in Seoul is held at Yeouido, which has a beautiful park sitting right on the side of the Han river. It’s perfectly situated for a day out in the sun and to sit under some beautiful cherry blossoms. Also, since this is a festival, there are street vendors, night lights and lots of people. Avoid this place if you dislike big crowds.

How to get there: Yeouinaru Station (Line 5), Exit 2 or 3 | Dangsan Station (Line 2, 9), Exit 3, 4

3. Cherry Blossom Festival at Seoul Grand Park

via naver blog (wonjoophoto)

via naver blog (wonjoophoto)

Seoul Grand Park is a huge and spacious space to enjoy the best cherry blossoms Seoul has to offer. And while this place will draw crowds, you can still walk through the park comfortably without being bumped by camera-distracted people every few moments. It’s a great place for families as there’s a zoo and an amusement park as well.

How to get there: Seoul Grand Park (Line 4)

4. Cherry Blossoms at the Royal Palaces

via naver blog (cityhan)

via naver blog (cityhan)

Seoul’s Royal Palaces (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung, Changgyeonggung and Jongmyo Shrine) were designed for kings. And no palace would be complete without an annual spring bloom. While not all of the palaces have cherry blossoms, there’s a variety of spring flowers that bloom such as apricot blossom, maehwa, royal azalea, persimmon blossom, and peony.

How to get to Gyeongbokgung: Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3) or Gwanghwamun Station (Line 1, 5)
How to get to Changdeokgung,Changgyeonggung: Anguk Station (Line 3)
How to get to Deoksugung: City Hall Station (Line 1, 2)
How to get to Jongmyo Shrine: Jongno 3-ga Station (Line 1, 3, 5)


5. Seoul Forest’s Cherry Blossom Festival

via naver blog (followgun)

via naver blog (followgun)

Seoul Forest is situated right in the middle of this hyper urban city, and it doesn’t draw the same crowds as the other cherry blossom festivals in Seoul, making it a perfect place for picnics. Fewer people and tons more space make it easy to sprawl out and maybe even toss a frisbee. Since nature is the theme, there are other spring blooms as well.

How to get there: Seoul Forest Station (Bundang Line), Exit 3

6. Inwang Mountain Cherry Blossoms

via naver blog (cwbak77)

via naver blog (cwbak77)

Located a stone’s throw away from Gyeongbokgung Palace is Inwang Mountain. It’s a short and easy hike that’ll take less than 2 hours and tickle your cherry blossom fancy as you head up. While it’s not a full blown festival, the mountains side is beautifully accented with cherry blossoms every few feet. Come here for exercise, fresh air and a cherry blossom filled hike.

How to get there: Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3), Exit 3. Straight 90m to the Gyeongbokgung bus stop and take Jongno Bus 09. Get off at Ogin Apartment.

7. Geumcheon-gu Cherry Blossom Road

via naver blog (ny871228)

via naver blog (ny871228)

Geumcheon-gu is a residential area on the outskirts of Seoul, and that means you’ll have the chance to enjoy more cherry blossoms and less camera toting crowds. For those in south-western Seoul, hop on over and check out their famous cherry blossom road, a 3km pathway to cherry blossom nirvana.

How to get there: Geumcheon-gu Office Station (Line 1), Exit 1

8. Hapjeong Cafe Street (Hongdae Area)

via Naver blog (xiajoa)

via Naver blog (xiajoa)

Hapjeong is the calmer, more relaxed version of Hongdae. And that means enjoying a tasty and warm latte under a white cherry blossom tree. And while this is not a cherry blossom festival, the street is lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees, making an outdoor afternoon latte perfect for this area.

How to get there: Hapjeong Station (Line 2, Line 6)


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