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Depending on where you’re coming from, shopping in Seoul can be very cheap. But who doesn’t like saving even more money! In this post, we give you Seoul insider tips on where to go, who to buy from, how to get free stuff and how to strong arm your way to the price you want!


Tip #1: Shop at Underground Shopping Centers

If you’re looking to shop for clothes in Seoul, there are numerous underground shopping centers that are known for bargain shopping (mostly for Korean fashion). Even the uber expensive Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong is connected to a very long underground shopping center with tons of inexpensive goods. Prices start from as low as 5,000 won for tees and even sweaters. But most items will be priced between the 10,000 won and 20,000 won range. Two of the biggest and most popular underground shopping centers are in Gangnam Station (Line 2), and the confusingly labeled Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade (located at Express Bus Terminal Station, Line 3, 7 and 9). Come here if you want to save money and want to look like a Korean drama superstar (no guarantees ;)).

Useful link: DiscoveringKorea (video above is also from discovering Korea)


Source: naver blog

Tip #2: Buy from Trucks

This is by far one of the cheapest ways to shop in Korea. These (usually) men drive around Seoul with their goods in tow to save on rent and sell you cheap stuff. Items range from clothes, produce, cooked banchan, roasted chicken, knives, magnets, and pretty much anything else that can fit in the back of a truck. Most of these trucks will be parked in residential areas, so if you’re only hanging out in tourist areas, it may be difficult to come across a truck full o savings. But if you do, take the chance to see what they got. Take it from us, they will have some of the cheapest buys in town.


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Tip #3: Shop on the Streets of Dongdaemun

If you’re a Korea newb, you should know that Dongdaemun is the center of Korean fashion. That’s where all the good stuff comes from. And in Dongdaemun there are these huge buildings (like Doota or Migliore) where tons of Korean designers gather to watch Korean dramas together and sometimes to sell you nice clothes. But while it’s nice that Korean fashion is all located in one place, you can pretty much find the same items for cheaper on the streets. Also, the buildings are very strict with their policy on bargaining, but the streets? That’s where the rebels are. If you’re good at bargaining, go down to the streets for a battle (see next tip).



Source: Naver news

Tip #4: Bargaining in Korea

Bargaining in Korea used to be the norm everywhere you went. And although it’s not as prevalent as it was before, it definitely isn’t dead. You can still get into pricing wars with street and subway vendors, truck guys (see #2), market ajoomas, and even unexpected places like department stores (mostly for food). Most people will brush you off if you’re asking for a discount on one 10,000 won T-shirt. But once you start buying multiple items, or if you’re making an expensive purchase, you can try engaging in an economic debate. As for how to bargain, it’s the same anywhere in the world, but just in case, here’s an example:

You see a jacket you like and the street vendor says it’s 70,000 won.
You: Wow, it’s so expensive. I like it but, it’s too much! (Expressing your interest but inviting the vendor to change the price).
Vendor: (takes the bait) Well, how much?
You: 50,000 won.
Vendor: Sold!
You: (thinking) dammit!

Congratulations! You could have gone lower, but at least you didn’t pay 70,000 😀


Source: Naver cafe

Tip #5: Ask For Free Stuff

Asking for free stuff is pretty common in Korea. If you’re spending a lot of money, or maybe using your egyo powers to flirt with workers, you can usually ask for free goods (or a phone number :P). The free things you ask for should be small in comparison to what you’re buying. And when you do ask for free stuff, most of the time you have to be a bit specific with what you want. Here’s a few examples:

  • buying tons of clothes -> ask for a free t-shirt
  • buying a phone -> ask for a free case
  • buying 10 keychains -> ask for 1 free
  • buying camera -> ask for a free camera bag

If they say no, ask them what they can give for free. And if they’re not willing to give you anything, see what they say when you start heading to the store next door 😉 Hardcore bargaining ftw!

Have any other tips you’d like to share about shopping in Seoul for cheap? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. Nurul says:


    Do we need to no Korean language in order to bargain or ask for discounts?


  2. Keith says:

    Basic English is usually enough 🙂

  3. v says:

    비싸요! 깎아 주세요! <—This would help you much in bargaining!

  4. hina moiz says:

    Your comment..Nurul if you know korean it’s best but you can bargain in english aswell that i do most of the time .

  5. brenda says:

    Wow tis is very helpful. What time is the business hour. From d sound of it.. Myeongdong wil b considered a street sellers? Which means wil b cheaper compared to dangdaenum? Wil myeongdang? hav luggages on sale

  6. カシオ レジスター 110er

  7. Aliya Z says:

    I’m going to Korea this March. Can I buy lots of things is my budget around ₩100,000++ .cause I’m just a 14 year old girl & I might only buy clothing,accessories & some souvenirs for friends. thanks >_<

    • Anna says:

      To Aliya Z, hi! I’m Anna. I’ve been to Seoul last year and I must say, if you want cheap souvenirs, head on to Namdaemun Market first. It’s cheaper there. For other stuff like clothes and shoes, head on to Dongdaemun underground stores. =) Never buy on the stores located at subway stations, you might end up regretting it. =) Hoe this helps!

  8. JC says:

    I am looking for Naning9 shop in Seoul, do you know where it is?

  9. Mark says:

    I’d like to say that your Seoul shopping tips had been helpful to us. We just didn’t happen to see trucks selling goods. Maybe next time when we get back we’ll come across with them.

    Thank you!

  10. Emma says:

    I’m planning a solo trip to Korea this year and I wanted to do a bit of camping. I wanted to buy my gear while I’m in Seoul for a few weeks but I hear it’s even more expensive than Australia! My mind was blown.
    I only need a very basic (think walmart quality) cheap tent and sleeping bag. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could find that sort of stuff?
    Thank you! I love your site

  11. Faye says:

    Hi! Do they sellers in the streets sell cheap but fashionable trench coats as well? Thanks!

  12. stephano says:

    what are the cheap goods available in korea compared to india?

  13. Fiza says:

    Where i can get trench coat at seoul shopping underground or market?

  14. dd says:

    what challenge i can do there?

  15. indra says:

    Anyong haseyo…!! Korea is my dream, I want work in Korea because of salary. From my country (Indonesia) is taking long time to get job, any friends can help me. Plese,add me if you can help me. My hand phone is +6287828322388 or my email is [email protected]. I need jod…

  16. Abenna says:

    Hello! please how much do phones generally cost in korea, and what are the cheaper options on where to get good iphone or sumsung phone on a tight budget of 500,000 KRW in Seoul?

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