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21. 8 Seconds – 8 Seconds is a Korean clothing brand that provides simple designs with great colors, patterns and prints. They also have a huge selection of things to buy that are all reasonably priced. All of this basically means 8 Seconds has its own unique designs but gives you a feel like it’s the Korean version of H&M or Zara. Tons of selection, cool designs, and decent prices. Yay!

→ Style: Similar to H&M or Zara
→ Celebrity Model: N/A
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Myeongdong


22. TATE – Many of the Korean fashion brands on this list are geared towards the younger crowd. But if you’re looking for a more refined Korean clothing brand, Tate might be your best bet. This Banana Republic-esque company provides gear to make people look clean, refined and of course fashionable. It’s good modern and chic Korean street fashion.

→ Style: Similar to Banana Republic – modern street casual, “Mix and match” (Mix with other brands of clothing to your own liking). Striped sweaters and shirts are a big part of their lineup.
→ Celebrity Model: N/A
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Myeongdong (대한빌딩 “Daehan Building” Floors 1 and 2)


23. Teenie Weenie – Dang, Teenie Weenie is such a cute name. Good thing they have cute clothes and a cute bear to match! This Korean fashion brand has a very preppy style that’ll make you feel like you’re attending Harvard. Even their mascot, a teddy bear named William II, sounds like he went there! Wear cool Korean clothing and feel smart! 🙂

→ Style: “Ivy-League” look, preppy, CUTE
→ Celebrity Model: William II TeenieWeenie “The Bear”
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Myeongdong


24. Mixxo – This Korean women fashion brand is classy, trendy and flashy all at the same time. It’s the Sex and the City look that so many Korean women love to emulate — a modern city style. But of course it’s got it’s own Korean flair to its designs. They’ve got a huge selection of jackets, dresses and blouses for the career women who love to show off fashionable side.

→ Style: Trendy, Mix & Match, Flashy
→ Celebrity Model: Kim Hye-soo
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Myeongdong


25. Us n Them – Korean fashion has newly become one of the hottest fashions in the world. But everyone gets their fashion sense from somewhere. Us n Them draw their fashion inspirations from 40 years ago. Retro is always a fashion favorite, and Us n Them try to incorporate 60’s and 70’s looks into their own fashion designs. You won’t find any bell bottoms though 😉

→ Style: Retro look from the 60’s and 70’s, but they consider it to be the rebirth of the Retro Look where it is now more classier and stylish (according to their official website).
→ Celebrity Model: N/A
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Myeongdong, Lotte Department Store (Young Plaza)


26. TNGT – TNGT is another Korean clothing company that focuses on classic looks, with their suits and dresses. But that doesn’t mean they’re one dimensional. Their men’s clothing is divided into formal, business and casual designs. And their women’s clothing is divided into daily, dress up and trendy wear. Stroll down the streets of Seoul like a classy Korean fashionista!

→ Style: Formal, business, casual for men, and daily, dress up, and trendy for women.
→ Celebrity Model: N/A
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Myeongdong


27. Roem – Everyone wants quality clothes, and Roem is one of the more quality Korean fashion brands you can find. This higher end Korean fashion brand for women is relatively affordable, but offers some of the best quality you can find on the list! Some of the clothes are handmade. And handmade clothes are good 🙂

→ Style: Similar to Banila B, but a bit pricier – “Barbie Girl”
→ Celebrity Model: Song Hye-gyo
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Myeongdong


28. BSQT – Now you know where to get a sweater, jeans and even some sexy Korean couple underwear. But we’re missing one last important fashion item. Footwear! This Korean sneaker brand offers sneakers ranging from casual walking shoes, high-tops, slip ons, and rain boots. These casual kicks have cool swirly BSQT logos and are decently priced. Get one, and now you’ll totally look Korean 😉

→ Style: Similar to New Balance
→ Celebrity Model: No official models we know of, but here’s a bunch of celebs wearing BSQT.
→ Official Site:
Google Map: Only one store in Seoul! Exit 4, Yeonsinnae station – line 3

Bonus: Authentic Korean Fashion can be bought online with!

Which of these matches your style the best? Write a comment and let us know!

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


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