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If you’re returning home from Korea, you will want to bring some cool Korean things. And you don’t want to wonder on your last day what gift to buy in Korea. Don’t wonder what to buy and just read this post! We have 20 awesome awesome gifts to buy in Korea!

1. Dojang (도장) – These personalized stamps were and are still used throughout Korea to sign contracts and bank account books. It’s basically your signature in stamp format. Sure you can get these in other countries, but if you’re buying gifts from Korea, customize these with their names in Korean! Inexpensive and customized stamps are great gifts. These great gifts can be bought  in small little stamp shops everywhere in Korea (we suggest asking your hotel or friends to help you).

2. Buchae (부채) – A handheld fan that folds up is a totally cool gift to buy in Korea. You also have the option of buying a very Korean style fan with colorful swirls. Best part it’s a totally practical and very portable gift that will have your friends say “spanks!” You can easily find these at Insadong.

3. Socks – The reason why socks are great gifts to buy in Korea is because they’re cheap, plentiful and unique. There’s Korea-specific designs such as Kpop and Kdrama socks. But there’s also really random and very cute designs (i.e. Obama socks, cute characters, etc.). Find these everywhere in Korea, especially at Myeongdong, Namedaemun Market, and many other tourist hotspots.

4. Kpop Stuff – This one is pretty obvious, but we just want to let you know that these are mostly directed at tourists (who cares?!) and can easily be bought at Myeongdong (check out this helpful post) and Namdaemun Market.

5. Phone Cases – Pretty much everyone in Korea has a smart phone, and that’s why Korea has a very big phone case industry. There’s tons of unique designs with all different types of functions that might be hard to find in your country back home. If you’re wondering where to buy these, there are stores and street vendors pretty much everywhere in Seoul solely dedicated to selling phone cases. These are everywhere where there are many people (i.e. Myeongdong, Itaewon, Hongdae, Gangnam, etc.).

6. Korean Pillows – For those used to big ol’ fluffy pillows, Korean pillows are quite unique and make great gifts. Traditionally, Koreans used pillows filled with buckwheat husks. They mold to everyone’s specific head shape. It’s a very different type of comfortable, and a totally unique gift 🙂 Find these at big supermarkets (i.e. E-mart, Homeplus, etc.) or get them at Namedaemun Market.

7. Cute Stuff – Korea has tons of cute stuff, ranging from stationary, tissue box cases, toothpick holders and other random goods that Korea tends to make cute. Check out out post on 40 Cute things to buy in Korea. To buy, we suggest checking out Sangsangmadang in Hongdae or at Daiso’s all across Korea (see #16 & #17)

8. Glasses – Glasses might not be the easiest gift to give (fashion taste and prescriptions), but since it can be bought for cheap in Korea, it’s still a great gift to give. Go to Namdaemun Market for the cheapest glasses.

9. Ginseng – Korean Ginseng has been world renowned since ancient times for its medicinal properties. People from all over the world come to Korea to find this magic root. And although it’s probably one of the most expensive gifts you can get, it’s definitely one of the most healthiest. Ginseng is a great gift to give Koreans who love living long healthy lives. This can be bought at supermarkets, Namedaemun Market among other places.

10. Fake Bags – Ever wanted that Louis Vuitton bag but couldn’t afford it? Korea’s got a black market that specializes in fake brand name bags. These fake bags are super high quality and can run in the hundreds of dollars (compared to thousands for real ones). Gift yourself by going to Itaewon.

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Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. Patricia says:

    Is there any way I can buy a Korean pillow online? My husband has struggled for years to find a pillow that is comfortable for him. At this point, I am willing to buy a pillow from anywhere in the world that will make him happy.

    • Justin says:

      Yes, you can buy pillow in Gmarket. You can download this app from playstore. But it will cost a lot because from Korea there are fees to go to other countries

    • Dr. Virginia Gilbert says:

      Korean stores here in the United States sometimes carry Korean bedding including the pillows.

  2. Keith says:

    sure! just google “buckwheat pillow” I just found one on Amazon 🙂

  3. Victoria says:

    When my Oppa came to the USA he brought his Korean Pillow with him but his had little plastic straws in it. I would always tease him and ask him how he could sleep on something like that. Then I tired it and it was pretty nice. However his did make sound if he moved when he was sleeping. lol

  4. Mick says:

    The stamps look cool!

  5. zahra says:

    the phone stuf are great !!!!really pretty & cute
    you guys have a lotssss of cutyyyyyy stuff

  6. collette says:

    my brother is marrying a south Korean, and wer are all packing up to go do a traditional wedding in south korea ,
    was wondering what i can find for cheap there , like is jewelry , hair treatments, nail pampering , spas …are they cheap ?
    what are things i can buy there that wud be a huge bargain compared to other countries other than the things mentioned above?

  7. Edward says:

    Any tips on where in Seoul to buy Korean scarfs for a gift.

  8. Dr. Virginia Gilbert says:

    I’m rather disappointed in your list which strikes me as being rather lightweight in scope. There are so many really beautiful traditional Korean crafts you could have mentioned such as Celadon, lacquerware, silk, brass, Korean furniture, paintings, etc. By not highlighting these major beautiful works that speak so much for Korean culture, you are not giving readers who are unfamiliar with Korea, an idea of some unique gifts and presents that they and their friends might enjoy. I hope you will correct this oversight if you make other suggestions in the future.

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  10. Irene Wulf says:

    I want to purchase a desk top replica of the Kyongju Emile Ball

  11. Giftoper says:

    Amazing list. I actually liked the gifts list you have shared!

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