Seoulistic.com is a culture and travel site for those planning a trip to Korea or those brand new to Korea. Our Seoul locals are dedicated to bringing you cultural tips, travel tips, places to eat, things to do and everything else people need to know when coming to explore Korea. By providing information and tips on Korean culture, Korean food, the Korean language and things to do in Korea, Seoulistic.com aims to make visiting or living in Korea more enjoyable.

Travel to Korea

If you’re traveling to Korea for a short stay, you’ll find plenty of research items to plan your visit. Find things to do in Korea, Korean food you want to eat and tips on Korea to help you stay away from tourist traps.

Living in Korea

If you’re planning on coming to Korea or already living in Korea, you’ll find veteran tips for making life easy. Learning the Korean language, Korean food and Korean culture will help you live in Korea like a pro. Pay special attention to the quick tips for tips to help you adjust to life in Korea.

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About Keith

Keith Kim is a Korean-American living in Seoul, Korea. He likes espresso shots, photography art and he loves his Playstation 3. He started seoulistic.com as a hobby site, and is now in the process of turning it into a full-time business. Wish him luck! Check out his blog for an uncensored view on entrepreneurship, dating and life in Korea.

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About Songa Min (민송아)

Min Songa (민송아) is a freelance Korean emcee, tv personality, and actress from Seoul, Korea. She lived in England, Hong Kong and came back to Korea to graduate from Hongik University with a Fine Arts major. She likes fashion, design, and art. She is believed to like tall people as well. Check out her Facebook page and say “hi”!

About Ken Lee

Born and raised in London UK, and currently residing in Korea, Ken Lum Lee is currently an English Teacher at a middle school in Gwangju and the blogger and photographer behind the Korean lifestyle blog Seoul State of Mind. Ken enjoys travelling around Korea, aiming to capture the unique beauties, discover stories and secret hideouts of Korea. Ken can usually be seen with his camera, which is currently the love of his life, and pigging out in Korean BBQ restaurants.

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About Daniel Kang

Daniel Kang is a Korean-American from Los Angeles, California and currently enjoys living in Seoul. He is a diehard Laker fan and loves playing basketball, poker, and hanging out at the beach. Daniel is a passionate writer and has compiled pieces for Groove Korea and 10 Magazine. Check out his Lakers blog at:


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About Margaret Morris

Margaret has been living and working in Seoul since 2011. Originally hailing from the United States (Maine and Tennessee, to be precise) she’s more than found a home amongst the wonders of Seoul. She eats more kimbap that could possibly be healthy for her and has a bad habit of bursting into KPop songs to which she does not know even 80% of the lyrics. Check out her blog at margarettriesbeing.com for more in-depth (that is to say, rambling) articles on Seoul How-To’s, Survival Tips, and excessive use of animated gifs.