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This Cheongdam-dong, Seoul travel guide is specifically for those that want to know Korea from an insider’s perspective.
Welcome to our country, our city and our culture.
(Note: This guide is a broad overview, and we have limited our suggestions)

Introduction: About Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

For those of us that aren’t necessarily a part of Korea’s top 2%, a visit to Cheongdam-dong is a strange and mysterious peak into the daily lives of the elite.

Here, you can find everything from decent French restaurants (a rarity in Seoul) to high-end single-malt whisky and designer brands. Black vans carry celebrities to their favorite restaurants in secret and international students speaking perfect English after their SAT (yes, the American college-entrance exam) roam the streets. Reputed as one of Korea’s wealthiest neighborhoods; very few know that Cheongdam actually has a long history and used to be named Chungsotgol during the Joseon Dynasty–meaning “clean water valley.”

Unlike the Gangbuk area, walking from one attraction to another might be quite a difficult task. Although tourist guidance as increased with the neighborhood’s boom post-Gangnam Style, the two most popular areas–Apgujeong Rodeo Drive and Cheongdam Fashion Street alley are relatively far from one another.

Cheongdam is not for everyone and not for everyday. But are you someone who’s willing to wait outside your favorite celebrity’s office for one 10-second glance? Did you just receive a large sum of inheritance? Are you determined to bury yourself in credit card debt for your best friend’s 30th birthday? Or are you part of this mysterious 2%? Then, seek out Cheongdam.


How to get to Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

Cheongdam-dong is located between two different subway stations–Apgujeong Rodeo Station on the Bundang Line (Yellow) and Cheongdam Station on the 7 line (Forest Green). Please check in advance where exactly you’d like to go before taking our transportation advice.

a) How to get to Apgujeong Rodeo Station from Incheon International Airport (or Gimpo Airport)

  • SubwayTake the AREX to Hongik University Station and transfer to Line 2 (Green). Take Line 2 to Wangsimni Station and transfer on the Bundang Line (Yellow) until you reach Apgujeong Rodeo Station. (2 hours)
  • Airport Buses6006 (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • TaxiDepending on traffic and tolls, your bill will come out to approximately 60,000 won. (1 hour 20 minutes)

Subway Stations

Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Bundang Line (Yellow)
  • Exit 1 & 2Walk out of either Exit 1 or 2 and you’ll find yourself directly in front of the Galleria Department Store East. At Exit 2, you’ll also find the sign for the K-Star Road.
  • Exit 3 Both Exit 2 and Exit 7 will lead you towards the famous Cheongdam Fashion Street.
  • Exit 4 & 5These exits will both lead you towards the Hakdong Intersection. Mostly corporate and residential, the roads out of these exits might be less exciting for sightseeing.
  • Exit 6Use Exit 6 to get to the main Apgujeong area. A sharp left out of this exit will lead you towards Apgujeong Rodeo Drive.
  • Exit 7This exit will lead you towards Galleria Department Store West. The main Apgujeong Bus Stop is also located here.

Popular Buses : 421, 143, 362, 4318, 240, 4212

How to get to Cheongdam Station from Incheon International Airport (or Gimpo Airport)

  • SubwayTake the AREX to Hongik University Station and transfer to Line 2 (Green). Take Line 2 to Konkuk University Station and transfer on Line 7 (Forest Green) until you reach Cheongdam Station.(2 hours)
  • Airport Buses6006 (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • TaxiDepending on traffic and tolls, your bill will come out to approximately 60,000 won. (1 hour 20 minutes)

Subway Stations

Cheongdam Station, Line 7 (Forest Green)
  • Exit 2, 3, 4, 5 : Walk south from these exits to reach Bongeunsa Temple.
  • Exit 8 & 9 : These Exits will you lead you towards the Cheongdam Fashion Street. For sightseeing purposes, you might want to stick to these two exits.
  • Exit 13 & 14 : Walking out of these exits will lead you towards Yeongdong Bridge.

Popular Buses : 401, 341, Gangnam08, 362, 431, 143, 3414


Where to stay

Due to relative distance from the subway stations, Cheongdam is not necessarily considered prime-location for tourists visiting Seoul. However, the availability of space also means that most of the rooms are more spacious than rooms downtown or those closer to Gangnam Station. From many of the major Choengdam hotels, you can get a great view of the Han River and from many of the smaller guesthouses, you can expect stellar service and high standards of cleanliness.


One of the most loved hotels in the Cheongdam area, Hotel ENTRA is an impressive 3.5 hotel with 5 star cleanliness and service. Raved about for its stylish interior, the towering, panoramic views from the rooms are as impressive as the hotel’s prices. After all, a night here can be cheaper than a French dinner for two at a restaurant nearby!

  • Best for couples/ families/ business
  • Top-rated
  • Great views
  • Fitness center and terrace included

Aloft Seoul Price : $ 115

Opened in 2014, Aloft Seoul is a branch of the W-hotels. A popular local destination for affordable staycations, the views of the Han River from the rooms are a nice detail. Both Nook, a restaurant within the hotel, and WXYZ, an Aloft Seoul bar, are well-reputed.

  • Best for couples/ families/ friends
  • Waterfront views
  • Boutique Hotel

Cheongdam Ladies Guesthouse Price : $ 35

Offering both dormitory type and private rooms, the Cheongdam Ladies Guesthouse is a great option for women looking to stay in Cheongdam on a budget. Wooden panels cover the walls and the beds are adorned with floral bed sheets–giving the guesthouse quite a homey feel. Don’t be surprised if you meet a K-pop superfan here.

  • Best for female travelers/ friends
  • Female-friendly space
  • Budget option

The Somi Guesthouse

This small guesthouse only offers two different kinds of rooms; the dormitory room for two and the dormitory room for four. Each room is simply decorated and spacious. This might be a good option for those who can’t bear to share the room with too many people.

  • Best for female travelers/ friends
  • Female-friendly space
  • Budget option

Refee House

This small guesthouse only offers two different kinds of rooms; the dormitory room for two and the dormitory room for four. Each room is simply decorated and spacious. This might be a good option for those who can’t bear to share the room with too many people.

  • Best for female travelers/ friends
  • Female-friendly space
  • Budget option


Where to eat


Lee’s Roll

Before major chains popularized the idea of premium kimbop, there was Lee’s Roll who lead the kimbop revolution. Here, you can taste the freshness in every ingredient as well as the rice coming straight from the cooker. A budget option in the neighborhood–who says only money buys happiness?

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 30-gil Gangnam-gu 12
  • Price : ₩2,800 ~ 5,500
  • Phone Number : 02-548-5552
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Station (Line 3)

Jungsik Dang

One of the most famous restaurants in Korea and an innovator in Seoul’s fine dining scene, Jungsik Dang has been awarded a Michelin Star and is number 10 on Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants List. Chef Yim, who owns the restaurant, also started a restaurant by the same name (which has two stars). Often called “New Korean” or “Korean fusion,” visitors can try either the five-course lunch or the nine-course dinner.

  • Address : 11, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seolleung-ro 158-gil
  • Phone Number : 02-517-4654


At Mingles, there is a seven-course menu that changes frequently. Self-proclaimed as “New Asian,” the dishes that are served here are Korean with a European twist. Noted for its vibrant and colorful plating, the restaurant basement interior is also interesting for a fine dining restaurant.

  • Address : 757, Gangnam-gu, Seolleung-ro, Seoul
  • Price : ₩58,000 ~ 138,000
  • Phone Number : 02-515-7306
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Not only has the Hanilkwan brand been around for the past 70 years, the restaurant has been a mainstay for several presidents in South Korea’s relatively short modern history. Authentic Koreah dishes such as gujeolpan (dish with nine delicacies), stir fried octopus and bulgogi are some favorites here.

  • Address : 14, Gangnam-gu, Apgujeong-ro 38-gil, Seoul
  • Price : ₩29,000~
  • Phone Number : 02-732-3735
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)

Saebyuk Jib

Saebyuk Jib(새벽집) means “House of Dawn” in English and the restaurant’s name probably comes from the fact that it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A favorite hangover spot for many locals, premium Korean beef or hanwoo is served here over a charcoal fire and arguably even worth its high prices. The raw beef bibimbop is another popular option and more reasonably priced if you’re popping in for a quick lunch.

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero 101-gil Gangnam-gu 6
  • Price : ₩7,000 ~ 32,000
  • Phone Number : 02-546-5739
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


(무등산)  Named after a mountain near Gwangju city, Mudeungsan is a Korean barbecue restaurant that isn’t your average Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul. Where many restaurants stick to a simple, and humble interior design with simple and humble meats, Mudeungsan is more for premium beef cuts in a classy venue. They even have an onsite butcher to guarantee the quality of their meats. They’re loved for their kkotdeungsim (premium sirloin), and they also have other harder to find meats such as outside skirt steak (ancheongsal) and hanger steak (tosisal). All orders are from the Korean version of wagyu beef, called Hanu (한우), which tend to have amazing marbling and great flavor. With every order, they serve a hearty soup of seonjihaejangguk, a hearty soup made of ox blood and beansprouts. Many diners here also pair their food with wine for a classy night out. But even if you’re not here for premium beef cuts, they’re also known for their lunch time meals. They also serve several variations of bibimbap as well as a delicious beef soy-bean paste stew (doenjjang-jiggae). The venue is also three-stories tall–making it less smoky and easy to navigate than other Korean barbecue restaurants. Note: Right next door is Hyeondae Jeongyuk Sikdang, one of the more popular samgyeopsal (pork belly) restaurants in Seoul, who are also know to have a very famous kimchi jjigae stew.

  • Address : Seoul Seolleung-ro 146-gil Gangnam-gu 3
  • Price : ₩23,000 ~ 62,000won
  • Phone Number : 02-518-4001
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo (Bundang Line)
  • What to order : Korean BBQ

Modern Meat Restaurant

Modern Meat Restaurant(현대정육식당). Although this restaurant literally means “modern meat restaurant,” the look and feel of the venue is closer to traditional Korean barbecue restaurants than many others in this area. Pork is the restaurant’s specialty and one can have it roasted over a barbecue or in a kimchi stew. The kimchi stew (served with a large folded fried egg) here is rumored to be some of Seoul’s best and many locals come on rainy days for the bubbling, spicy dish.

  • Address : Seoul Seolleung-ro 146-gil Gangnam-gu 5
  • Price : ₩5,000 ~30,000
  • Phone Number : 02-540-7205
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Kpop Tour And Celebrity Hunting

In Cheongdam, it’s possible to meet K-pop lovers that have saved up for years just to wait outside their favorite celebrities’ company building. Walking around, you may even see them with posters in their hands or their large suitcases put to the sides–cautiously checking every car that passes by. If you are such a K-pop lover, then you already know what we’re talking about and if you’re not, trust us– it’s a sight to behold.

Hallyu K-Star Road

Walk straight out of Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 2 and you’ll notice a large Gangnamdol (Gangnam + idol) of Psy. It’s a large statue of a bear with the K-pop idol imprinted on its face (this particular one is even wearing large sunglasses). There are approximately 20 Gangnamdols lined up on Hallyu K-Star road and you can take pictures with all of them on your trip to Cheongdam.  4Minute, Super Junior, 2PM, FT Island, SHINee, Miss A, CNBLUE, TVXQ!, Girls’ Generation,  EXO, AOA, BTS, B1A4, VIXX, INFINITE, KARA and Block B can all be found here so try and catch em’ all! (In front of Apgujeong Station Exit 7, there’s also a Gangnamdol Haus, a store where you can literally buy all of them.)

  • Address : 407, Gangnam-gu, Apgujeong-ro, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 02-3445-0111
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

JYP Entertainment

Ah, JYP Entertainment– the home away from home for many K-pop legends such as GOT7, Miss A, Wonder Girls and of course, Mr. J. Y. Park himself. Truth be told, nothing much happens at this particular entertainment center. Across the street from the building is a Dunkin Donuts where hardcore fans wait for their favorite idols to come out and everyone’s experience differs from day to day. Every first and third Sunday of the month, the elite agency holds auditions for hopeful stars.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 79-gil Gangnam-gu 41
  • Phone Number : 02-3438-2300
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

SM Headquarters

SM Headquarters is home to some of the biggest names in the industry–TVXQ, SNSD, EXO and Super Junior just to name a few. In the past, SM Headquarters has hosted various types of K-pop experiences and programs and if you’re lucky, your stay in Korea will coincide with one of these SM-hosted events. Check on their website for more details.

  • Address : 114, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seolleung-ro 190-gil, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 02-6240-9800
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Home to AOA, FT Island, CN Blue and more; the looming black gates at the FNC Entertainment building give it a different feeling. Fans of FNC artists can often be found at the parking lots surrounding the building.

  • Address : 46, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Dosan-daero 85-gil, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 02-517-5426
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Best Art Spaces in Cheongdam, Gangnam

While Cheongdam-dong may not be teeming with art galleries the way that Samcheong-dong or Insa-dong are, there are still a handful of worthwhile art spaces to explore after you’ve had your fill of K-pop.

Once A Blue Moon

The jazz scene in Korea isn’t particularly large, but if there’s one jazz club to name in Korea–it’s probably Once a Blue Moon. A popular location for several dramas and films, the iconic stage and international line-up makes it a fun place to visit at least once. The steep prices and comparable quality of jazz, however, might keep you from returning.

  • Address : Seoul Seolleung-ro Gangnam-gu 824
  • Phone Number : 02-549-5490
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

SongEun Artspace

Opened in 2010, the SongEun Artspace is one of the best places to see contemporary art exhibitions in the Cheongdam area. Dedicated to promoting young Korean artists, this is a good chance to see the best of Korea’s future in art.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 75-gil Gangnam-gu 68
  • Phone Number : 02-3448-0100
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

Horim Art Center

Sinsa’s Horim Art Center serves as an annex to the main museum located in Sillim-dong. With a focus on Asian art, there are traditional artifacts on display as well as special exhibitions that change throughout the year. The building’s rounded exterior is also worth noting.

  • Address : 317, Gangnam-gu, Dosan-daero, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 02-541-3523
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Best Place to Shop in Cheongdam, Gangnam

Walking through Cheongdam’s Fashion Street, you’ll likely recognize all of the designer brands–even if you know nothing about fashion! Dior, Cartier, Gucci and Prada all stand proud on this street and if you’re looking to shop, the attentive staff at the stores are willing to cater to your every whim. Browsing may feel a bit uncomfortable with the salespeople on your tail, but admiring the buildings from afar may also be interesting even for its architecture. The tall petal-like walls of the House of Dior, for example, designed by Christian de Portzamparc is often praised as one of the most interesting pieces of contemporary architecture in Seoul.


While Korea’s prices for imported Western brands may not be worth your Seoul shopping time, there are plenty of domestic brands and brands loved by locals you should check out. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’ll be a good look at some of Korea’s most trending fashion items. 

Galleria Department Store

Likely the most high-end department store in Korea, the Galleria Department Store is made of two main buildings. The Galleria West has six different floors with an impressive, high-end food court and supermarket on the basement level and The Galleria East focuses more on couture and luxury clothes. Pop-up stores are held here quite often–showcasing up and coming trends in Korea and from abroad. In truth, it’s not much of a place for buying souvenirs; but the food court is worth checking out, especially if you’re in a large group of friends with different food tastes.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro Gangnam-gu 343
  • Phone Number : 02-3449-4114
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

10 Corso Como

Opened in 2008, 10 Corsco Como is a space originally from Milan, Italy started up by art collector Carla Sozzini. This branch combines a bookstore/multi-shop with art books, fashion magazines, quirky accessories and apparel with an Italian restaurant and beautifully designed café.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro Gangnam-gu 416
  • Phone Number : 02-3018-1010
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


At Beaker, you can find a collection of both men and women’s wear by the hottest local designers. The items range from casual, minimal everyday wear to fashion-forward couture. While prices are quite high, you’re guaranteed a long-lasting product.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong 78-6
  • Phone Number : 02-543-1270
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

Cos Cheongdam

The upscale sister company of H&M, Cos Cheongdam is the largest Cos in Korea. Occupying four floors, you can find apparel for men, women and children here–all in Cos’ signature simple style.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro Gangnam-gu 418
  • Phone Number : 02-3213-4140
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

Boon the Shop

At Boon the Shop, you can find everything from handbags to shoes and outwear all from some of the world’s most fashion forward. Many Korean celebrities are rumored to shop here.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 60-gil Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong 17
  • Phone Number : 02-319-1451
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


The popular Swedish brand made headlines when the flagship store designed by Sophie Hicks opened a few years ago. The translucent white walls of the building as well as Acne’s high-end men’s and women’s wear are a nice addition to Seoul’s fashion scene.

  • Address : Seoul Seolleung-ro 162-gil Gangnam-gu 27-2
  • Phone Number : 02-542-2290
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Best Cafes in Cheongdam, Gangnam

Although cafes in the Cheongdam area might not necessarily be noted for their coffee, they are nonetheless interesting on their own right.

Dior Cafe

Located on the 5th floor of the store, the Dior Café is one of the most loved Cheongdam spots. Coffee, desserts and ice cream are served (and instagrammed) here but it’s likely more appreciated for its visuals than for its food.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro Gangnam-gu 464
  • Price : ₩16,000 ~ 19,000
  • Phone Number : 02-513-0390
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Run by the apparel line, Le Coq Sportif, Boundary is a new bicycle café to open in Seoul. Healthy juices for fit cyclists are available at the juice bar and the bike-friendly space allows riders to bring their bicycles indoors.

  • Address : Seoul Seolleung-ro Gangnam-gu 830
  • Price : ₩5,000 ~ 7,000
  • Phone Number : 02-547-6626
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

Moomin & Me Café

At this Moomin themed café in Apgujeong, you can enjoy all types of drinks with Moomin characters literally on them.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 50-gil Gangnam-gu 23
  • Price : ₩5,000 ~ 13,500
  • Phone Number : 02-514-7879
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Best Bars in Cheongdam, Gangnam

In Cheongdam, you can easily combine a night of high-end dining with some quality wining. Some of Korea’s best mixologists make names for themselves here by creating incredibly delicious cocktails and celebrities frequently get tables to drink in intimate groups. In this neighborhood, you can even find certain types of Japanese whiskys otherwise unavailable in the country. Beware that a drink can average 25,000 won per venue, and that entrance for most of these bars range form 10,000 won to 20,000 won. For those visiting the city, it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience worth having, but those of us who live here, giving into the temptation of drinking here can cost you hundreds of dollars a night.

Alice in Cheongdam

Fall down the rabbit hole and find yourself in Alice in Cheongdam, a popular cocktail bar in Cheongdam — the heart of Gangnam, Seoul. Staying true to the wacky fairytale, this stylish cocktail bar serves original concoctions in ultra unique glasses in fun shapes, like pineapples and elephants. Of course, no proper cocktail bar would be complete without the mysterious hidden door, in this case, their bathroom. Alice is a fun experience for those that want a bit of hidden fun and quirkiness with their drinks.

  • Address : 대한민국 서울시 강남구 청담동 84-20
  • Price : ₩30,000 won -40,000 won
  • Phone Number : 02-511-8420
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Bundang Line)

Magnum the Tasting Room

While premium cheeses and wines may not be readily available all over Korea, Magnum the Tasting Room’s menu makes European wining and dining seem readily accessible in Seoul. Expat couple Teresa Pollina and Raymond Pollina run the kitchen and provide platters such as the French Tasting Set and Italian Tasting Set are top-notch. Pair with a bottle from the extensive wine menu and enjoy a little bit of Europe in Seoul.

  • Address : 47, Gangnam-gu, Dosan-daero 55-gil, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 02-3443-6643
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


One of the few unpretentious bars in the Apgujeong area that still manages to serve good drinks in a high-end atmosphere, Sahm is probably best known for its amicable management and the regulars that frequent the place nightly. With seating available for only a dozen or so people, bartenders get to know your taste in alcohol (as well as many details of your personal life). For tourists visiting the city, it might be a nice peek into the “drinking alone” culture now emerging in Seoul. Also, the fact that there’s no cover charge also makes it great.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 46-gil Gangnam-gu 5-6
  • Phone Number : 070-4125-6413
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)

Le Chamber

This high-end speakeasy is most famous for its Sherlock Holmes entry. Walk down a nondescript staircase and touch a book on the bookcase and you’ll find yourself in one of the most famous speakeasy bars in Seoul. The bartenders are champion mixologists that can concoct the standard cocktails with flair or even serve their own creations. They have a huge back-lit wall of liquors for a classy and sophisticated evening out with friends.

  • Address : 42, Gangnam-gu, Dosan-daero 55-gil, Seoul
  • Price : ₩23,000~30,000 won per cocktail
  • Phone Number : 전화번호 02-6337-2014
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Bundang Line)

Bar Twelve

Despite the fact that Bar Twelve has two other locations, this particular location in Cheongdam-dong seems more at home than others. Since the bar only has twelve seats, it keeps its exclusive feeling by never getting too crowded or too noisy. With bartenders able to keep their focus on each individual customer, you can make sure to customize your drink just the way you like it.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 72-gil Gangnam-gu 26
  • Phone Number : 02-548-1201
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Best Lounges in Cheongdam, Gangnam

If you’re looking for something in between quietly drinking at a bar and dancing to loud music, going to a lounge in the Cheongdam area must be your best bet. Many of these venues are easy places to mingle and much less pretentious than the Gangnam mega clubs.

Monkey Museum

A club-lounge owned by Seungri of Big Bang fame, Monkey Museum is famous for their bucket-style drinks and walk-ins from celebrities. It’s an intimate lounge that’s designed for groups to grab tables and to listen to hip-hop that’ll make you groove. And while it’s lounge by name, it has more of a club feel than the other top Gangnam lounges. Monkey Museum does have a bar area, but this Cheongdam lounge is nearly all filled with tables, so come with a group of friends for the best experience. Of course, like any of the other upscale Cheongdam lounges, you’ll want to dress to impress. That’s because the clientele here consists of young working professionals, models, artists and the occasional celebrity, so you won’t find yourself among young students and backpackers here. Note: Right up the street is D-Bridge, an upscale lounge without no cover charge.

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero 57-gil Gangnam-gu 8
  • Phone Number : 010-7141-9795
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


An upscale lounge bar, this popular venue fills up every weekend with ladies in cocktail dresses and men in blazers. The dress code is strict, with no hats and upscale attire required, and there’s good reason why. The people in this lounge are where professionals hang out. They’re the ones that own the bars, companies and restaurants, hold art exhibitions and import your alcohol. The clientele at D-Bridge make the city run. And that’s what’s expected from one of the best lounges in Gangnam, Seoul. It’s also considered a top lounge because of the beautiful interior they have, with a staircase that leads down from the entrance and high ceilings to give it an airy feel no matter how packed it gets. The central bar is a good place to mingle and meet people, and the dark lighting makes everyone look beautiful. And there isn’t a dance floor, but people dance in their own areas in front of their tables nonetheless. Note: Right down the street is a popular upscale hip-hop lounge, Monkey Museum, owned by  Big Bang’s Seungri.

  • Address : Seoul Seolleung-ro 152-gil Gangnam-gu 21
  • Phone Number : 02-549-2996
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo (Bundang Line)


You may recognize this bar from the several music videos that it has already been featured in. A café well known for ice cream bars and Klatch coffee during the day, this venue turns into a lounge that plays EDM at night. Come during the day for one of the dozen ice cream bars or at night for some alcoholic sweets instead.

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero 57-gil Gangnam-gu 8
  • Phone Number : 02-540-5419
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)


Best Clubs in Cheongdamn, Gangnam

If you’re looking to go clubbing in the Cheongdam area, Club Answer may be your only answer.

Club Answer

A club that plays electro, house and EDM, Club Answer has been around longer than many other mega clubs in Gangnam. The main stage takes place on the first floor and the club boasts a sound system much stronger than others in the city.  Party schedules with different kinds of events are posted on their Facebook page weekly so make sure to check in advance for a special event.

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero Gangnam-gu 535
  • Phone Number : 02-514-4311
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Rodeo(Line Bundang)