D-Bridge – Seoulistic


An upscale lounge bar, this popular venue fills up every weekend with ladies in cocktail dresses and men in blazers. The dress code is strict, with no hats and upscale attire required, and there’s good reason why. The people in this lounge are where professionals hang out. They’re the ones that own the bars, companies and restaurants, hold art exhibitions and import your alcohol. The clientele at D-Bridge make the city run. And that’s what’s expected from one of the best lounges in Gangnam, Seoul. It’s also considered a top lounge because of the beautiful interior they have, with a staircase that leads down from the entrance and high ceilings to give it an airy feel no matter how packed it gets. The central bar is a good place to mingle and meet people, and the dark lighting makes everyone look beautiful. And there isn’t a dance floor, but people dance in their own areas in front of their tables nonetheless.

Note: Right down the street is a popular upscale hip-hop lounge, Monkey Museum, owned by  Big Bang’s Seungri.

Cover Charge:
Table price:
Starts 250,000 won
Type of Bar:
Operating Hours:
Sun-Wed 8pm-4am
Thurs-Sat 8pm-5am
Phone Number:
Seoul Seolleung-ro 152-gil Gangnam-gu 21
Subway Station:
Apgujeong Rodeo (Bundang Line)