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in Seoul

Looking for the best things to do in Seoul can be overwhelming. Seoul is huge, and it’s a very vibrant city. So we’ve put together this list of the top things to do so you can find exactly what you’re looking for as well as discover new things to do.
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Royal Palaces in Seoul

Built over 600 years ago, the Royal Palaces in Seoul were the homes to the kings and queens of the Joseon Royalty, Korea’s last royal dynasty. Some are grand and majestic, others are secluded and private. Two are national treasures registered as UNESCO Cultural Heritages for the perfectly harmoniously architectural integration into the landscape as well as preservation of ancient Confucian culture throughout the centuries.

Traditional Neighborhoods in Seoul

Within ultra-modern Seoul, you can still find traditional neighborhoods that preserve what life was like in Korea centuries ago. The architecture and neighborhoods are unique and beautiful. They’re also perfect places to stay.

Museums: History, Culture & Art

Of course, there are plenty of museums in Seoul that tell stories about the countries history, shows off its culture and provide enjoyable entertainment. There are many museums to check out, but we’ve curated the best museums in Seoul according to history, culture and art.

Tours & Classes

Sometimes you need a Seoul local to show you all the hidden spots and foods that only locals know about. Some sites in Korea are inaccessible without a local tour guide, too! Here are some of the must-see places in and around Seoul as well as experiences with a personal guide to show you each step of the way.

Unique Competitions & Shows


You’d be wrong if you think watching baseball or going to the movies would be the same in Korea. And you’d be hard pressed to find a place to watch pro gamers or blackbelt taekwondo masters at their craft. These competitions & shows are fun and unique experiences you wish you had back at home.

Nexon Arena
OGN E-sports Stadium
FreecUp Studio


Movies are extremely popular in Korea, and there are unique movie theaters in Seoul. One has one of the largest movie theater screens in the world and another has couches with gourmet meals.

Starium at CGV Yeongdeungpo
Cine de Chef at CGV Apgujeong

Baseball Games

Baseball fans in Korea are extremely passionate, and each and every pitch is exciting with fans singing songs for each players and with cheerleaders. See the three teams in Seoul: Doosan Bears, LG Twins, Nexen Heroes.

Doosan Bears (at Seoul Sports Complex Baseball Park)
LG Twins (at Seoul Sports Complex Baseball Park)
Nexen Heroes (at Gocheok Sky Dome)

Taekwondo Show

Korea is the birthplace of Taekwondo, a martial arts with highflying kicks. Watch these taekwondo masters break boards with acrobatic kicks.

Kicks Taekwondo Show

Outdoor & Sports

Seoul is a large city with plenty of things to do for those who are more active. There’s biking rentals and paths along the Han River, the largest indoor ice climbing wall in the world, hiking up Bukhansan Mountain, outdoor archery lessons by world-class athletes

The Best Things to Do in Seoul:The Best Places to Shop in Seoul

The Best Things to Do in Seoul:The Best Places to Eat in Seoul

Of course, if you’re going to be in Korea, you should indulge in some awesome Korean food. There’s a wide range of flavors and types of food for every palate. And since Seoul represents all of Korea, here’s some of the best restaurants in Seoul.

The Best Things to Do in Seoul:The Best Cafes & Tea Houses in Seoul

The Best Cafes in Seoul

Nearly every social gathering in Korea will end up in a coffee shop at some point. And there’s so much cafe competition that Korea’s cafe game is top notch. Many of the cafes in Seoul have beautifully designed interiors with the aromatic smell of coffee beans roasting filling the air. Here’s our favorites in Seoul.

The Best Pet. Theme and Activity Cafes in Seoul

Pet, theme and activity cafes in Seoul have been around for a while, and now we’re seeing next level stuff. There’s dog and cat cafes of course, but there are also cafes with raccoons, tortoises, sheep and even meerkats. There are also plenty with fun activities as well.

The Best Things to Do in Seoul:Nightlife: Bars, Lounges and Clubs in Seoul

The Best Bars in Seoul

Walk outside at 3AM on a random street in Seoul, and you know Korea’s alcohol game is strong. So there’s plenty of bars to choose from in the land of the inebriated. Korean style singles bars, bars in traditional Korean houses and rooftop bars, traditional Korean tent bars, classy wine bars and even prohibition style speakeasy bars. Here’s our list of best bars in Seoul.