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Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

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(노량진 수산시장)

The largest fish market in Seoul, Noryangjin Fish Market was originally opened in 1971 and recently moved to a new modern building for cleaner facilities and a brighter atmosphere. It’s a popular 24-hour seafood spot and drinking hole, and it’s been long-beloved by tourists and locals alike to admire and consume hundreds of different types of fish. Sannajki (or live octopus) as well as Korean style raw fish sashimi (hoe – 회) are two sought-after dishes. In addition, you can add a variety of shellfish, shrimp, and some other sea creatures you may have never even heard of, such assea squirt (monggae – 멍개) or penis fish (gaebul – 개불).

You could haggle for the price and amount of fish (increasing the amount you get is easier than decreasing the price, by the way) and bring your fresh fish to the restaurants located in the back alleys of the market who will cook your food for a nominal fee; they’ll also sell soju and beer for the usual Korean pairing with Korean seafood. If you get chummy with the fisherman at Noryangjin Fish Market, they might even come have a drink with you!

The new building layout of Noryangjin Fish Market is as follows:

B2: Cold storage, cargos
B1: Processing site, live fish storage
1F: Marine product shops, auction place
2F: Raw fish restaurant, financial facility, promotional hall
3F: Parking lot, outdoor deck
4F: Parking lot
5F: Roof park
6F: Corporate office

Operating Hours:
High Class Fish Market: 24 Hours
General Fish Market: 1:30PM - 10PM
Frozen Fish Market: 3:30PM – 10PM
Shellfish Market: 1PM – 22PM
Phone Number:
674, Dongjak-gu, Nodeul-ro, Seoul
Subway Station:
Noryangjin Station (Line 9)